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While listening to Security Now #258 the other day where Leo and Steve were discussing a website that offers to crack passwords via a dictionary attack for a fee, I was reminded of this xkcd comic:


And while I’m here, here’s another comic for fun:

Recent xkcd favs

A couple of xkcd comics that I’ve liked recently,

Seat Selection




Tech Support Cheat Sheet

Damn, our secret has been exposed!

Tech Support Cheat Sheet

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xkcd on gaming

A couple of favourite xkcd webcomics on gaming.

An oldie, but a goodie! – I’m sure many a gamer has been here…

Flash Games

Flash Games


and for those of us slow to get around to playing and completing games (yes I’ve been here!)

Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge



A remix of xkcd #480

Inspired by xkcd, having played those games and being underwhelmed by SPORE. And I’m not the only one to draw the above parallels. Here’s a screenshot from the Zero Punctuation review,


Sadly SPORE hasn’t lived up to the hype in my opinion and lacks some of the cool things demo’d 2 years ago. Additionally, the DRM Electronic Arts has imposed on this title just plain sucks which has lead to some heavy protest review voting on Amazon (85% of the current 2982 reviews are 1-star!) fuelled by a call to activate against EA by

My one-liner: great idea and briefly fun, but over hyped with little staying power or repeat playing potential.’s review was also mixed,

Spore’s a flawed effort in five different genres, smushed together in a casual-player-friendly manner. But as a tangible representation of intelligent design, with an emphasis on creation and sharing, it falls perfectly in line with the rest of Will Wright’s work.

IGN’s sum up was similar,

Spore is undoubtedly an amazing accomplishment; it’s just not quite an amazing game.

Ah well. Bring on Call of Duty 5…!


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