Recent YouTube additions…

By me! Two of the little guy in fact.

A while ago Matt figured out he could move his little plastic chairs to help him reach things – including the door handle,

Initially however, his cunning plan was flawed as the door swings inwards – right to where he planted the chair. HA! That didn’t last long. He now knows to leave a small gap, open the door a crack, climb down, move the chair, then open the door. Luckily, we have a last line of defence – all our external doors have deadlocks that can only be opened by keys (now hidden!)

And this vid was taken a couple of nights ago when Matt was having a great time singing “row row row your boat…” with his mum in the bath,


Holiday snaps

The photos and videos from our holiday in the Marlborough Sounds are now online.

As well as learning to drive a tractor, Matt discovered there was much fun to be had in trying to throw his toys off the rather high deck at the bach – or at least constantly racing mum or dad to the edge with a toy in hand! As with our Christmas visit, he remains obsessed with the fan there, and delights in turning switches on and off at every opportunity. He can now climb up onto chairs, kick a ball, and stood up from sitting for the first time without needing to use a table or chair to pull himself up onto his feet.

Most importantly, he passed a major milestone while on holiday – he fetched his father a beer! Sweet. Just have to teach him how to use the lawnmower and wash the car and I’ll be set. 😉

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the short videos – Matt playing Humpty Dumpty on the edge of the swimming pool with Mum,

For more photos and videos, click through to the photo gallery and my YouTube profile.


Walking talking and daycare

Well, sort of.

Snack timeMatt’s first proper word is most definitely “mum” which he’s been saying for a while now – I still get da-da-da-da. Despite having a vocab of one word and lots of cooing and babbling sounds, he clearly understands a lot more and will point to and find things we ask for. He can’t quite open the fridge yet to fetch his old man a beer, but we’re working on it…

As for walking, he’s been happily shuffling around objects for a while, but won’t stand freely yet. Yesterday though, he started walking properly with his Buzzy Bee Walker Wagon – there goes the paint on the skirting!

Yesterday also marked his first half day of in-home child care in preparation for Lou picking up more work next school term. Our little man is growing up fast…

In addition to the above photo and short video, I’ve recently added more photos to the photo gallery and videos to YouTube. Enjoy!