Family update

And since I’ve rediscovered by blog today(!), I might as well post again to complete the trifecta for the evening.

Here’s a couple of recent photos of the kids and the vid we grabbed of some of Amy’s earliest steps…

Riding hippo at the zoo – shortly after her new hair style thanks to Mum and Aunty Jen,

Next up, the video of Amy starting her walking. Soon after this she reverted back to “knee-walking” with only the occasional steps. Now however, she chooses to walk whenever she can and delights in pushing her little prams around the house – very cute!

Early steps,

And along with her early steps, her first words are taking off – many related to food (that’s my girl!) including “more”, “milk” and “custard”. Her first word was of course “Dad”, although I believe Lou will say it was “Mum”… and rather than call the cats by name she delights in squealing at them! 🙂

Finally, here’s a recent pic of Matt – also at the zoo where he loves to drive the jeep!

Matt has taken great joy in Amy’s walking and delights in pointing out every time she walks across the room. He’s also super at entertaining his little sister, and I think between the rough and tumble he’s actually getting protective of her! As for entertaining us, Matt (like all toddlers no doubt) comes out with some funny things at times, but it’s the way kids approach language that fascinates me and makes you realise how silly some expressions are. One quirky statement of late is “I did that last day” – meaning yesterday – which actually makes perfect sense! 🙂

Ah the joy of kids – just as long as Amy grows out of her obsession with the Hi-5 Dance Hits DVD… 😛

Triple trouble

A little belated, but here’s a video from Jo taken last weekend at Cate’s 1st birthday party – Matt, Amalie and Cate playing with balloons in the bathtub…

I’m sure one of those girls was the ring leader… 😀


Approaching Two

It’s been a while since I’ve thrown up some comments and photos of the little guy – who’s not quite so little these days!

Matt is almost two months off his second birthday and is getting more and more helpful – which is a good thing with a brother or sister for him on the way.

So what’s he up to? Plenty as usual, and always at full speed! Matt has taken to running everywhere and climbing over anything or anyone (including the cat) to get to what he wants – normally while saying “want it. want it!” He loves creche and the other kids there – as evidenced by him frequently reciting his little friends names when he wakes up. He’s also taken to reciting the alphabet and counting – although these are probably not fully understood and simply rope learned from us. Here’s a quick video of part of the alphabet…

On the scary front, he showed me today how to drag a chair across the room to climb up to grab something – seems nothing is safe in our place anymore. All in all, he’s a fun little boy who keeps us on our toes. And needless to say it’s going to be doubly interesting in November when he has to share Mum and Dad with another baby… or will it be October? Preliminary due date is Nov 6 – place your bets…!

Toddling around

The little guy is now fairly confident in his walking, just 3 weeks after taking off on his own. The one thing he’s yet to master is standing up unassisted from sitting on the floor… Here’s a quick video (taken yesterday) showing off his progress,

For a couple more short videos, click through to YouTube where you’ll find one of him playing with a bucket on his head and falling over backwards into his inflatable pool – much to his surprise and completely unharmed!

We’ve also uploaded a few more photos to the gallery, including his new play house that he got for Christmas, which was soon invaded by his Mum and Aunty… You’ll also find a couple of pics of Matt with his cousin Oliver who he met for the first time at the bach in the Sounds.


One small step for man…

…one giant leap for Matthew!

Yup, over the last few days Matt has been taking a few unassisted steps to get himself between objects – usually a toy and either mum or dad. Here’s a sneak peek,

And in case you haven’t visited the gallery in a while, you’ll find a few new photos of the wee man in the 1 Year album and on his best-of photo pages.

Matt at 15 Months

A quick photo and video update of our wee man – who has just passed the 15 month mark.

With that, I’m wondering how long we’ll measure his age in months…? Perhaps 18, or now if we switch to 1.25 years! Either way, he’s doing fine and is starting to babble more words – we now hear mum, dad, park, star and bee, with gestures and pointing for other things when we ask him. No sign of walking yet though – crawling is much more fun and way faster…

A consequence of reminding him to climb down off things backwards (such as the sea chest, sofas and stairs) is that he now thinks he has to go down slides backwards too!

And finally, one last pic for ya – helping out watering the new grass in the back yard. 🙂

More milestones

As the weeks fly by we’re constantly amazed at how quickly the little guy learns new things and at how sharp his senses are. Every time we get within range of a playground Matt points to it to get us to stop for a play and every aircraft, no matter how distant, gets him pointing to the sky! 😀

In the last few weeks he’s added 3 molars to his 8 front teeth, causing some restless nights, and is now happily climbing up and down anything he can – especially stairs…