SPORE? Meh. (Pt.2)

Play-Doh + 2yr old > SPORE!

Much more fun than the game!

Comparing photos

Any similarities here…?

Ages are: left = 18 months, right = 19 months…

Triple trouble

A little belated, but here’s a video from Jo taken last weekend at Cate’s 1st birthday party – Matt, Amalie and Cate playing with balloons in the bathtub…

I’m sure one of those girls was the ring leader… 😀


Matt turns two!

The little guy had his second birthday on Saturday, celebrated with family and friends.

For this and a few other photos from Matt’s big day, click though to our “2 years” album at Picasa.

And to everyone who joined us for the party, thanks for helping make it a special day and for the awesome presents!

Boys and Cars

While browsing though some photos on my computer I came across a whole bunch of old family photos from my grandparents. Here’s a quick sample – my father as a boy playing in a pedal car,

This photo was taken at my great grandparents home in Geraldine St in Christchurch, 1946. For comparison, here’s Matthew in a pedal-less car from the toy library,

Taken at our home in Wellington on 6 Apr 2007, just over a year ago.


Matt has got it.

In my opinion it’s good that he’s getting it over and done with at a young age, but as I’m sure any parent will understand, it’s not nice seeing your child sick. Matt is normally a very busy little boy, so to see him so lethargic, sleepy and easily upset is sad. Still, his fever is subsiding, his appetite has returned and now that the spots are coming out (just 2 so far) it probably means he’s on the rapid improve.

If you’re pregnant or don’t want the pox, steer clear for a while. On the other hand, if you missed out and want some, or want your kids to get it, come on over and cuddle the wee guy! He’ll love it.

Toddler Translation

While on holiday we tallied up Matt’s vocabulary just short of 18 months. Needless to say that some of his words need a little translation for people other than Mum and Dad…

ma = monkey
nun = sun
baa = flower
mmmbee = strawberry
par = park
bananee = banana
butter (or budder) = butterfly
budden = button
ban = fan (although he’s starting to say “fan” now)
buzz = buzzy-bee
teese = cheese
buddy = buggy
pano = piano

and as for fully understandable words,

mum, mummy, dad, daddy, baby, that, bee, star (esp since Christmas), bye, bunny, bear, nana, marmite, bar (for muesli-bar), done, gone, me (usually while pointing at something he’s done – like drawing on the sea chest with a crayon!), car, and beep-beep (sometimes while pointing to mum’s breasts!!! – very funny).

Not a bad vocab from the little guy. What amazes me though is how much more he understands, recognises and/or associates. We have a couple of “First Words – Touch and Feel” books (which I highly recommend) and when asked Matt can correctly point to almost everything in them – including unusual things like ‘candy’ or ‘zebra’. He’s a little sponge for information and his exponential learning is fascinating to watch.