Picasa photo move complete!

Last night I finally finished moving all my photos over to Google’s Picasa Web Albums service,


The photo upload was actually quick via the Picasa desktop application. The time consuming part was all the link fixing for photos already embedded in this blog and other pages on my site.

Besides reasons I’ve already outlined for choosing Picasa (here and here), there are a few other reasons I moved all my photos relating to personal web hosting. In particular, I’ve decided I no longer want to put time and effort into maintaining and updating my “Gallery” install (still a most excellent, free and open source solution via gallery.menalto.com). Not only does any software you install on your own website need to be updated (eg security patches), but there’s inevitably a certain amount of effort needed to customise the look and functionality to fit your site. Personally I can’t be bothered any more, especially since my personal site is non-profit and funded 100% by me!

Furthermore, host space and bandwidth needs to be paid for – both of which Google now handles for me. Picasa Web Albums are free for anyone with a Google account (who hasn’t got one these days?!) providing 1GB of storage. By moving my photos there I now have more free disk space at noble.gen.nz, and have greatly reduced my monthly bandwidth usage from my web host. Nice. Thanks Google!

So, all my photos and albums are still available, just at a different address. And with lots more available space to fill up, I now plan on getting more of my snaps online. Watch this space…

Flickr vs Picasa – A Quality Comparison

Last year I took a look at Flickr and Picasa (see Photo faceoff: Flickr vs. Picasa) with a view to determine which service was better suited to my future needs for online photo storage and sharing. At the time I concluded Picasa was better than Flickr’s free offering.

Yesterday, a visitor posted a comment on that original entry suggesting that Flickr displays higher quality photos. Initially I was skeptical and thought it might have been something to do with the way the photos were uploaded, or dimension constraints, so decided to check it out myself.

My conclusion? There is NO difference in quality between the two – but there are caveats with that statement.

Click through for comparison shots and further commentary…

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