Damn squirrel

Just when you thought you were getting a nice holiday snap, this little critter jumps into the photo and steals the limelight,

lol 😀

Dubbed “Crasher Squirrel”, the little guy popped up into the photo of a couple of tourists in Canada and he’s now the latest viral fad on the internet, appearing in dozens of places!

Welcoming Katie – my niece!

Congrats to my sister Nic and hubby Andrew on the arrival of their second child. Kathryn (Katie) Rose Chinn was born on Saturday (one week early), weighing in at 3.925kg (8.65lb or about 8lb 10oz for the imperialists). Here’s a couple of pics,

The happy family – Andrew, Nic, Katie and Oliver,

And a very cute little sleeping girl,

Best wishes to the Chinnobles!

Mustang over Wellington

As publicity for the Wings over Wairarapa airshow in Masterton this weekend, Wellington got treated to a flypast by a North American P51-D Mustang and a Curtiss P-40E Kittyhawk early this afternoon.

Here’s an ambitious attempt to capture the Mustang on my new Canon IXUS 80IS from the roof of the MetService building in Kelburn.

The fighters were a fair distance away over the city. I stuck the camera in full auto mode at full optical zoom and clicked. One chance. One shot.

The full image,

And a crop at full size,

Needless to say the 8Mpx resolution helped at that range. I’m actually amazed it worked that well!

Waiting for baby

Approaching 38 weeks…

The winter fogs return

Following a foggy start to the day here in Wellington, I thought I’d see what the MODIS imagery from NASA looked like. Not surprisingly, there was a lot of fog and low cloud around – especially over the South Island under a ridge of high pressure, and luckily, a “Terra” satellite pass captured the South Island beautifully at 10:30am this morning.

Firstly, here’s Otago and South Canterbury, including the Mackenzie Basin, with extensive low cloud or fog in many valleys and basins (at 500m resolution),

Further north, and at a higher resolution of 250m, here’s part of Buller and northern Westland,

again with low cloud or fog right up through the Grey Valley and Buller Gorge, also in many of the valleys in North Canterbury inland and north of Hanmer Springs.

If you want to see the full high resolution (250m) image covering the lower half of the North Island and all of the South Island, click through to this page on the MODIS website (the full image is 5416×8120 pixels with a filesize of 8.1MB). Enjoy!

Today’s MODIS Satellite Pics

A couple of nice photos from NASA’s MODIS Rapid Response System

The first taken at 10:25am this morning (from “Terra”) shows melting snow on the Canterbury Plains that fell on Saturday,

From the looks of that picture, the biggest falls on the Plains might have been in the Methven to Mt Somers area.

The second photo taken at 2:35pm this afternoon (from “Aqua”) shows some nice cloud formations at different levels in the strong southwest airstream covering the South Island – some low level cumulus (probably in rotors), mid-level lenticulars and some high level cirrus,


If you want to see the full 250m high resolution images that these are cropped from, click through from the images above.

Approaching Two

It’s been a while since I’ve thrown up some comments and photos of the little guy – who’s not quite so little these days!

Matt is almost two months off his second birthday and is getting more and more helpful – which is a good thing with a brother or sister for him on the way.

So what’s he up to? Plenty as usual, and always at full speed! Matt has taken to running everywhere and climbing over anything or anyone (including the cat) to get to what he wants – normally while saying “want it. want it!” He loves creche and the other kids there – as evidenced by him frequently reciting his little friends names when he wakes up. He’s also taken to reciting the alphabet and counting – although these are probably not fully understood and simply rope learned from us. Here’s a quick video of part of the alphabet…

On the scary front, he showed me today how to drag a chair across the room to climb up to grab something – seems nothing is safe in our place anymore. All in all, he’s a fun little boy who keeps us on our toes. And needless to say it’s going to be doubly interesting in November when he has to share Mum and Dad with another baby… or will it be October? Preliminary due date is Nov 6 – place your bets…!