Halloween fun in TF2

It’s been a while since I’ve played some Team Fortress 2, and on jumping in last night I found plenty of changes and some Halloween themed maps and items. Did I mention items. Holy crap batman! As well as seemingly hundreds of items to (randomly) find/collect, there’s a whole trading/purchasing system now?! As well as games of tag inside the main objective-based round? Weird. Man am I out of loop. I can’t help thinking Valve have just been adding fluff to try and keep the game fresh, but I just want the old TF2 experience dammit! Sigh. Am I turning into an old gaming fart or what?! Anyway, here’s a few screenshots…

Sentry gun force field

Ceiling Spy is watching - homage to ceiling cat

Heavy Elvis enjoying a sandvich - with a pumpkin-head Soldier calling for a medic in the background

Damn that Horseless Headless Horsemann!

Blu FTW! Actually I think we lost that round, but I still clocked 100 points as the team's medic 🙂


Gmail gets PDF viewer

Gmail just keeps getting better! Perhaps one day it will even be good enough to lose its “beta” tag! 😉

The latest addition is a PDF viewer which is not only super useful, but very well implemented.

When you receive a PDF document, look for the “View” link next to the attachment icon and info at the bottom of the email, eg,

This will open the document in a new tab in Google’s Viewer powered by their most excellent “Docs” service,

Along with a number of ways to navigate the document, you can easily change the number of pages displayed at a time, search, copy text, download and print.

This is a boon for those that regularly receive PDF docs via Gmail in that for full rendering of documents including graphics you no longer need to download the attachment to open in a separate PDF program. If you must however, I recommend you grab a copy of the lightweight Foxit Reader – a much better solution to Adobe’s offering in my opinion, and what’s more it’s free.

And while on the topic of working with PDF’s, if you want to view a PDF document in your browser directly from another website (without downloading it or emailing it to yourself), check out PdfMeNot.com.

But getting back on topic, I’m lovin’ the Gmail goodness. Thank you Google!