New Zealand, August 11

Another nice satellite image from MODIS/NASA today, snapped about 10:15am:

Click through for a 1km/pixel resolution image (~900KB) where you’ll also find links to the higher resolutions of 500m or 250m. The detail at 250m is very nice (image size ~6.7MB), for example:

Lake Taupo and snow on Ruapehu and Tongariro:

Wellington, Kapiti Coast and a dusting of snow on the Tararua Range:

Christchurch and some fascinating silt patterns in Pegasus Bay:

A thick blanket of snow around Lake Tekapo:

New Zealand on June 9

A nice satellite picture from MODIS/NASA taken on June 9, showing the snow over the South Island:

(click for large 1MB version)

The Eagle has landed

Forty years ago today Neil Armstrong spoke those words soon after the Eagle landing craft touched down on the moon – surely the greatest triumph for mankind, especially so given technology of the day. In addition to Armstrong, Apollo 11 also carried Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin (who also walked on the moon) and Michael Collins (who remained in orbit).

I wasn’t yet born in 1969 so can’t relate to what the event meant at the time, but space has been a fascination for me for a long time – I still have my favourite childhood books on Space and NASA and went on to study astronomy at University. Lately, I’ve been enjoying reading all the moon landing anniversary articles, checking out the photos again, watching the cleaned NASA footage and listening to (more senior!) colleagues relive their memories. Today, 40 years ago, was an incredible day, and afterall, who since then hasn’t dreamed of being an astronaut, blasting into space or walking on the moon?!

So props to NASA for winning the race and putting a man (several in fact) on the moon. Super stuff.

Here’s some link goodness for your enjoyment today,

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40th Anniversary of Moon Landing