Movember thanks

A little late but hey.

Since I last posted mid-Nov, I thought I should post a quick update to the blog to thank everyone who donated to the Cancer Society and Mental Health Foundation of NZ via sponsoring my mo.

Your generous donations brought my personal total to $565 which placed me #233 of 11,717 participants in NZ who collectively raised $799,218 (as of Dec 11). Awesome stuff.

For the record, the result of a months growing was thus,

And needless to say the family were pleased to see the back of it! If you want more photos (why?!) you can still check out my Mo Space, or head over to the Gala Parté photos on Flickr where you might just spot me in the Wellington 2009 set.

If you’d like to see where the mo money goes, check out the Movember Foundation Outcomes page.

Thanks again.

Mo Bro Chris.

Movember – half way!

Day 15 and the handlebars are coming along nicely… Some have likened my mo to a 70’s pornstar, others to Merv Hughes (-gee thanks!) – and here it is in all its glory,


What’s all this about? Glad you asked!

For the fourth year running, I’m growing a moustache for Movember to help raise awareness and funds for men’s health – specifically prostate cancer and depression in men. Nearly 600 men die of prostate cancer each year in New Zealand and one in ten men will experience depression in their lifetime. Sobering facts, so I’m putting down the razor (partially!) for a month and hoping you’ll support the cause.

To sponsor my Mo, you can either:

  • Visit my Mo Space (where you can also track my progress) and click “Donate to me” to donate online using your credit card
  • Write a cheque payable to ‘Movember’, referencing my Registration Number 314352 and mailing it to: Movember, PO Box 12 708, Wellington 6144

All donations over $5 are tax deductible, and your donation will earn you a “Mo of honour”,

Mo of honour - I've donated!

So how effective is all this? Movember is now in its fourth year and, to date, has achieved some pretty amazing results by working alongside The Cancer Society and the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. For further details check out Movember Outcomes. This year in particular, the more than 10,000 men participating in NZ have raised more than $250,000 as of today (Nov 16th), with some impressive totals in other countries too – see Mo Money.

If you’re considering donating, please do! And to those that already have, thanks for your support.

Mo Bro Chris.
Boldly growing where few have grown before.

Citizen of Movember

And the mo is gone!

…much to the relief of the wife!

For posterity, here’s how it ended the month,

and for the game, you can get up close with it here. In NZ the total raised was over $680,000 contributing to a worldwide total of a whopping $25.3 million!

To those that donated to my mo, thank you. You made it all worthwhile!

Movember – half way!

Well, the mo is bushing up nicely!

Sadly however, the wife won’t let it near her, Matt (2 years) told me one day I had marmite left on my face and Amy (2 weeks) frowns at it, but worse won’t recognise her Dad in two more weeks when it comes off!

Ah well, all for a good cause – that being to raise awareness of men’s health issues, prostate cancer and depression in particular, with donations used for research and support networks.

Here’s the state of it,

And here’s one of the billboards at Wellington Airport at the mo (pun intended),

If you would like to donate by sponsoring my mo, or want more info, here’s a few links:

Movember ’08 is on!

Oh yes my friend, it’s back!

This Movember (the month formally known as November) I’m growing a mo. I do this for you to admire, but moreso for you to sponsor in support of men’s health issues – in particular men’s depression and prostate cancer. The money raised by Movember is used to raise awareness of men’s health issues and donated to the Cancer Society of New Zealand and the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

So, given we are one week in, what is state of my mo? Glad you asked! Here it is in all its glory, snapped yesterday along with Amy,

To find out more about this mo-growin’-madness, head over to Even better, if you would like to sponsor my mo you can donate online with a credit card via my sponsorship page.

Finally, my Mo-Space is here, where you can track progress and might find some additional updates from time to time…

Bye Bye Moustache

Movember has drawn to a close and no doubt, like me, many men of the nation have pleased their significant other by removing a month’s worth of mo growin’.

Here’s my effort after 30 days,

And if you must, hit the link below for the rest of this entry to see a close-up and a trimmed version of the mo…

Thanks to everybody who sponsored me – your combined contribution brought my personal total to $240, adding to a nationwide total of over $1.3 millon (via Scoop).

I must say it’s good to be clean shaven again!

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Mo at two weeks

Yup, the mo growin’ men have reached the half way point in Movember. Here’s mine,

In case you missed an earlier post, Movember is all about men’s health awareness and the fight against prostate cancer, with proceeds going to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of NZ. If you’d like to donate, sponsor my mo!