Ten days on…

Boy how time flies!

It is with much sadness that we said bye to (Matt and Amy’s) Nana and Granddad today, who returned home after staying with us to help out since Amy arrived. And a huge help they were. Thank you!

Amy is doing great, and at her one-week weigh in she was already back up to her birth weight – and is continuing to keep her mum busy with her demanding feeding schedule. That’s my girl!

As for me, I’m loving the time off from work, especially since summer appears to have arrived in the last few days – lots of family time, especially with Matt who seems to be coping rather well with the new arrival in the house.

Along with Amy, Matt has done pretty well on the gift front, which has made him feel special too. Thank you to everyone who gave us gifts for the kids. We appreciate your kindness.

And just so the boy doesn’t feel left out, here’s a recent pic of the lad enjoying an ice-cream in the back yard…

For more photos, click through to my Picasa Photo Gallery, or grab our favourite pics of Amy and Matt on their own galleries.

One small step for man…

…one giant leap for Matthew!

Yup, over the last few days Matt has been taking a few unassisted steps to get himself between objects – usually a toy and either mum or dad. Here’s a sneak peek,

And in case you haven’t visited the gallery in a while, you’ll find a few new photos of the wee man in the 1 Year album and on his best-of photo pages.