Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the Mums out there – including my wife – you rock!

Google thinks so too:

Happy Mother's Day!

Holiday greetings!

Merry Christmas (belated), happy holidays and hello 2010!

Sadly, our family holiday to “the bach” in the Sounds is over and I’m back at work in Wellington. We had a great time with the Noble and Chinn families this Christmas – staying with John and Jenny and my sis Nicola, husband Andrew and kids Oliver and Katie.

Following our time away, I’ve now uploaded a few snaps to my Picasa Albums, and here’s a sample,

The family on Christmas Day,


Matt with his first fish!


Amy the little rockstar!


For more photos, including a sneak peek at our Christmas fare, click through to the photo albums.

And wherever you are (or were), I hope your Christmas/holiday time is equally enjoyable.

See you in 2010!

Taupo Easter Trip

A little late in the making, but here’s a brief update on our Taupo holiday at Easter.

In short, we had a fantastic trip with 3 nights in Taupo staying at a friends holiday house. The kids travelled really well – this being our longest car trip with both Matthew (2yr 8mth) and Amy (5.5mth).

The trip north took around 6 hours, including 2 decent stops for the lad to run around in Otaki and Waiouru. And to further help out the little guy combat boredom, we broke out a portable DVD player for the last part of the journey, which inevitably meant driving to The Wiggles!

Once in Taupo we played tourist with a toddler friendly focus – including playgrounds, train rides, visiting the Huka Falls, the Honey Hive and the AC Baths. 🙂

For the trip home, we decided to take an alternative route, sneaking through the Gorge, down SH2 and over the Rimutaka Hill to avoid the inevitable  nightmare traffic on SH1 trying to get back into Wellington at the end of a long weekend. Our route was thus,

and took just half an hour longer than the trip north, and again we stopped twice for Matt to run around. Google maps tells me that route is about 60km longer than via SH1 and I’d definitely do it again – I’d far rather drive a little further and stay moving than be in a stop-start queue between Otaki and Porirua!

So all-in-all it was a successful holiday and we’ve uploaded a few snaps to my Picasa Web Albums here.

Holiday snaps

The photos and videos from our holiday in the Marlborough Sounds are now online.

As well as learning to drive a tractor, Matt discovered there was much fun to be had in trying to throw his toys off the rather high deck at the bach – or at least constantly racing mum or dad to the edge with a toy in hand! As with our Christmas visit, he remains obsessed with the fan there, and delights in turning switches on and off at every opportunity. He can now climb up onto chairs, kick a ball, and stood up from sitting for the first time without needing to use a table or chair to pull himself up onto his feet.

Most importantly, he passed a major milestone while on holiday – he fetched his father a beer! Sweet. Just have to teach him how to use the lawnmower and wash the car and I’ll be set. 😉

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the short videos – Matt playing Humpty Dumpty on the edge of the swimming pool with Mum,

For more photos and videos, click through to the photo gallery and my YouTube profile.