Gmail UI gets a tweak

Just logged into Gmail and noticed the user interface has had a little update,

Note the row of buttons along the top.

A nice addition is a quicker method to label and archive a message. Previously you had to select a message, then use the “More actions” drop-down to label it, then click the “Archive” button. Now you can simply select the message, then use the “Move to” drop-down to label and move it in one swoop.

Thumbs up Google!

Gmail gets PDF viewer

Gmail just keeps getting better! Perhaps one day it will even be good enough to lose its “beta” tag! 😉

The latest addition is a PDF viewer which is not only super useful, but very well implemented.

When you receive a PDF document, look for the “View” link next to the attachment icon and info at the bottom of the email, eg,

This will open the document in a new tab in Google’s Viewer powered by their most excellent “Docs” service,

Along with a number of ways to navigate the document, you can easily change the number of pages displayed at a time, search, copy text, download and print.

This is a boon for those that regularly receive PDF docs via Gmail in that for full rendering of documents including graphics you no longer need to download the attachment to open in a separate PDF program. If you must however, I recommend you grab a copy of the lightweight Foxit Reader – a much better solution to Adobe’s offering in my opinion, and what’s more it’s free.

And while on the topic of working with PDF’s, if you want to view a PDF document in your browser directly from another website (without downloading it or emailing it to yourself), check out

But getting back on topic, I’m lovin’ the Gmail goodness. Thank you Google!

Gmail hits 7000MB

After logging into Gmail this morning I saw this,

Wow. That’s a lot of storage, and I’m hardly touching it. Might be time to start backing up more of my docs and pics to Gmail!

If you’re after a good web-based email solution, Gmail wins hands down IMO. In fact, I’ll go one step further and say you should be using a web-based solution these days. I am. Totally. I recently migrated all my email from Thunderbird to Gmail via IMAP and I now have the luxury of getting my email anywhere there is an internet connection. Cloud computing is where its at baby!

Kudos Google. You rock.

Another Gmail Update

Google have just upgraded my Gmail again – with several new features…

In particular, two things stood out for me – message pre-fetching and contacts management. Gmail now pre-fetches up to 50kb per message in your inbox making the opening of recent emails almost instant (once the pre-fetching is done of course). This makes it much faster and feels more like a desktop client. The other standout change is an all new contacts management system, including search, with full contact cards now appearing when hovering the cursor over a name (in the inbox or contacts list for example).

If you’re a Gmail user you’ll know you have the upgraded version as an “older version” link will appear in the top right of the screen and the URL will probably finish with something like “?ui=2#inbox” (ie user interface version 2).

You might also have noticed a storage upgrade too, since I posted about Gmail last week I’ve got an extra 250MB of storage. Better get emailing if I’m going to fill that up…

Gmail update

Time to get some tech on!

Google have just made a nice update to Gmail with the addition of IMAP support. This allows you to have full access to your web based Gmail in a desktop mail client such as Outlook or Thunderbird. The beauty of IMAP is that it syncs your mail between the two, meaning that if you mark a message as read or delete a message in the desktop client, the same changes are reflected in the web based Gmail service. For people who travel, with a laptop say, this is super useful as you can still access your mail when you’re not connected to the internet.

Also while using Gmail this evening I note I’ve now got 4434MB of storage. Should be enough I reckon! If you think that’s a ridiculous amount of storage, then here’s one way to put a small dent in it… backup. Hopefully you already have a backup solution in place, but if not you might consider emailing your most important documents to yourself at Gmail for safe storage should anything happen to your personal computer. With robust servers and access to your files from any internet connection this could be a nice backup solution for you. The caveat is that you can only send 20MB per email to a Gmail account, and some other mail servers only allow you to email 10MB at a time.

If you’re after a new email service, try Gmail. It has some nice features, such as threaded replies, message tagging, chat integration and now IMAP, along with plenty of storage.

GMail adds Paper Archive option

The good folks at Google have added some new functionality to Gmail called “Paper Archive” – an easy way of getting a hard copy of your email. Simply click the button, they’ll print the email and ship it directly to your door for sorting, searching or filing. Nice. 😉

(click for large image at Flickr)