Happy Retirement Dad!

You’ve most certainly earned it. 🙂

Dads #1 teacher for sons

Yo fellow Dad’s out there!

Sons learn life skills from their dads

A new Father’s Day poll shows nearly 75 percent of Australian dads learned their most valuable and important life skills from their own fathers.

Top among those skills was how to drive a car, how to ride a bike, changing a tyre, changing a light bulb, building a fire and knotting a tie.

“We know from previous scientific research that boys who have active and involved fathers are more likely to do better academically, socially and emotionally,” he said in a statement.

via Stuff.co.nz (and archived via WebCite) …thanks Sarah!

And this coming Sunday (7th Sep) is of course Father’s Day here in New Zealand, so don’t forget to thank the old fella for your life skills!

Advice from Plunket

These valuable words of advice come from an early 1970’s New Zealand plunket book…