March climate summary

…is out from Niwa.

In short, it was warmer than average by 0.8C nationwide (also warmer than Dec 2007) and drier than average in several areas with severe soil moisture deficit in places. Notably for Wellingtonians, the capital was the sunniest of the 5 main centres, despite being the wettest, while Auckland was the warmest and Christchurch the driest.

Grab Niwa’s pdf summary for more data.

Summer is here!

Yesterday the sun was out, the secadas chirping, the BBQ sizzling, Matt was swimming and my lawn is now brown. Sounds like summer to me!

NIWA have released their climate summary for November too, and it’s no wonder my lawn is dying. The last measurable rain was 2.6mm back on Nov 14, with the total for that month just 16mm spread over 8 days – or 20% of normal. Nov was less windy on average also. Contrast that to the windier and wetter October when we had around 141mm – or 160% of normal – yuk.

Today is Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day has a simple goal – get loads of bloggers to post about the same topic on the same day to raise awareness of an issue.

“In its inaugural year, Blog Action Day will be co-ordinating bloggers to tackle the issue of the environment” – no surprise in the topic chosen for 2007.

So a post about the environment aye. Well, it’s pretty here in NZ and it’s getting warmer on a global scale! No doubt most of the posts that will appear on blogs for Blog Action Day will focus on some aspect of global warming.

My contribution is to simply throw out a couple of links that I reckon are worth visiting if you want topical environmental and climate info…

RealClimate – “climate science from climate scientists”
TreeHugger – “a one-stop shop for green news, solutions, and product information”

They should keep ya busy for a while! Enjoy.