Sneak Peek Out Back

A week ago WordPress updated to v2.7 with a major overhaul of the backend interface for bloggers.

If you’re curious, here’s a sneak peek at a couple of screens I see and use behind the scenes…

The Dashboard,

And the “Add New Post” page,

For a complete list of features and changes, check out the blog and for a video introduction and some history head over to the Development blog.

Props to WordPress Support

After recently changing to the K2 theme here, I noticed that the search function was only returning a single page of results with no links to get at more pages of results.

After contacting the support team via last night, they had it fixed within 24 hours.

Now that’s awesome. Kudos WordPress!

New look blog

If you’ve visited before you might notice a little change as of tonight. Noble Notes is now sporting the “k2” theme (as used by Russ).

Besides some minor formatting and style changes (including some extra image borders) the basic layout and content still remain.

If you notice anything weird let me know and I look into it.

WordPress update

Following the recently released v2.5 of WordPress for the folks who host their own install, my blog here at has got the same treatment. The changes are all behind the scenes, and if you’re curious what the new interface looks like, here’s a screenshot of the page used to post a blog entry,


Yet to discover all the new features, and only one gripe so far – I don’t like the position of the tags and categories sections – these were better on the right of the main post area.