Welcoming Katie – my niece!

Congrats to my sister Nic and hubby Andrew on the arrival of their second child. Kathryn (Katie) Rose Chinn was born on Saturday (one week early), weighing in at 3.925kg (8.65lb or about 8lb 10oz for the imperialists). Here’s a couple of pics,

The happy family – Andrew, Nic, Katie and Oliver,

And a very cute little sleeping girl,

Best wishes to the Chinnobles!

Baby Names 2008

The annual list of top baby names in New Zealand is out from the Dept of Internal Affairs. We of course added an Amy to the list, which didn’t actually make the top 30. Here’s the most popular in 2008,


1. Sophie, 2. Olivia, 3. Ella, 4. Isabella, 5. Charlotte,
6. Lily, 7. Emma, 8. Emily, 9. Jessica, 10. Grace,
11. Hannah, 12. Chloe, 13. Ruby, 14. Lucy, 15. Ava,
16. Amelia, 17. Madison, 18. Maia, 19. Mia, 20. Holly,
21. Sophia, 22. Zoe, 23. Paige, 24. Georgia, 25. Kate,
26. Brooke, 27. Maddison, 28. Samantha, 29. Sienna, 30. Isla


1. Jack, 2. James, 3. William, 4. Samuel, 5. Joshua,
6. Riley, 7. Liam, 8. Oliver, 9. Benjamin, 10. Daniel,
11. Thomas, 12. Jacob, 13. Ethan, 14. Jayden, 15. Noah,
16. Ryan, 17. Lucas, 18. Luke, 19. Max, 20. Hunter,
21. Matthew, 22. Lachlan, 23. Alexander, 24. Dylan, 25. Connor,
26. Blake, 27. Tyler, 28. Caleb, 29. Charlie, 30. George

[Source: NZ Herald]

It’s a girl!

We are thrilled to announce that Amy Kathryn Noble joined our family at 12:46am on Monday – November 3, 2008.

She arrived via a natural water birth delivery, weighing in at a healthy 3.78kg (or 8lb 5oz for the imperialists). Following a superb delivery, we decided to return straight home – just 4 hours after arriving at the hospital. The only fly in the ointment was Dad forgetting the baby capsule and having to do a quick dash home at 3am to fetch it!

Louise and Amy are doing great and resting well at home, and if Matthew’s chatter about Amy is any guage, he’s stoked to have a little sister. 🙂

If you’re after some photos, our picks of the pics will appear at amy.noble.gen.nz, with the full set available in the “Amy: Introductions” album in my Picasa Photo Gallery.

Waiting for baby

Approaching 38 weeks…

It’s a Girl (apparently)

We had our 20 week scan last week and according to the sonographer we’re expecting a girl – simply for the fact he couldn’t see any boy’s bits in between baby’s crossed legs… I dunno, he wasn’t overly convincing (for me anyway) so we’ll have a boys name as backup come d-day.

Here’s a little peek at baby, a profile shot snug inside mum with hands up to her(?) face,

Let the name games begin! (got any suggestions?)

Baby Instructions

This from the handbook you may or may not have received when the little one arrived in your family… 😉

More via c00lstuff.com… or purchase your own copy from Amazon.com.

Oliver – 8 weeks

A couple of photos of my nephew Oliver, taken recently at around 8 weeks old…

A happy smile, and enjoying tummy time…