Wild weather and meddling Americans

On my news radar this morning…

Re the Albany tornado:
‘Miracle’ only one death in Auckland tornado: MP
Forecasters had no warning of chaos
with photos and associated videos including here and here

Re the newly amended Copyright Law:
Internet users face flood of warnings
WikiLeaks: US offered to bankroll New Zealand piracy crackdown
IP-Address Is Not a Person, BitTorrent Case Judge Says

Weather Radar


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New Zealand, August 11

Another nice satellite image from MODIS/NASA today, snapped about 10:15am:

Click through for a 1km/pixel resolution image (~900KB) where you’ll also find links to the higher resolutions of 500m or 250m. The detail at 250m is very nice (image size ~6.7MB), for example:

Lake Taupo and snow on Ruapehu and Tongariro:

Wellington, Kapiti Coast and a dusting of snow on the Tararua Range:

Christchurch and some fascinating silt patterns in Pegasus Bay:

A thick blanket of snow around Lake Tekapo:

New Zealand on June 9

A nice satellite picture from MODIS/NASA taken on June 9, showing the snow over the South Island:

(click for large 1MB version)

Sevens 2010 weather looking superb!

The 7-day rainfall maps at metservice.com are looking pretty good for the 7’s this year:

7pm Fri 5th Feb:

7pm Sat 6th Feb:

Bring it on! 😀

Southerly winds for Wellington Anniversary Weekend

Here’s the latest Press Release from MetService:

The MetService weather forecast for Wellington’s long weekend is for more of the same, with periods of southerly wind and passing showers.

“The last dry weekend in Wellington was in mid-November last year”, commented MetService Weather Ambassador, Bob McDavitt. “So it is no great surprise that showery southerlies are likely again during the coming Anniversary weekend”.

Mr. McDavitt added that the showers and southerly winds are not expected to be as intense as last weekend, and should not require any weather warnings. “There is a complex trough affecting the North Island for the next few days, and it seems set to deliver one period of southerlies to the region on Friday lasting through Saturday, and another late on Sunday or early on Monday”.

“Wellington’s anniversary holiday is celebrated on Monday by people living in a large part of the south half of the North Island. If you are in this area and looking for some sunny mild weather with light winds this weekend to plan an anniversary BBQ or have some outdoor fun then your best bet is Sunday during the day”.

Issued 01:58pm 21-Jan-2010


And my take on it:


Christmas Day Weather

Here’s a snapshot of what the weather map will hopefully look like on Christmas Day – courtesy of ECMWF,

That’s a 10 day forecast for 1pm on Christmas Day, with isobars along with colour shading representing wind speed at about 5,000ft (850hPa for the met folks). If the computer models stick to this story, then (barring small scale effects) much of New Zealand should have generally fine weather – unless you’re in Fiordland which might be wet based on that map.

This of course is just one possible outcome that could well change as we approach the 25th, and you should get the official story from MetService.com – which already has town/city forecasts for Christmas Day. 🙂


And now we have a 9-day forecast for 1pm on Christmas Day,

So, pretty much the same story for NZ – but the high is a little closer and weaker while the front is further west in a deeper trough.

Update 2:
Another day closer. Here’s the 8-day forecast, again for 1pm on Dec 25,

Similar story, but not liking the trend – a weaker high further east, meaning lower pressures over the South Island with more wind (especially for Cook Strait and Wellington!) ahead of a front over Fiordland.

Stay tuned…