Boeing 777 at Wellington Airport

A quick post to share some links following Air NZ’s Boeing 777 visit to Wellington today. The kids and I spotted it sitting at one of the gates this afternoon, and I saw it climb out of the airport this evening when it blasted off – empty bar essential crew so it performed rather well!

To highlight just how big the 777 is, check out Rodney’s Aviation Ramblings Blog where he posted some pics showing a Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 taxiing past…

As for the incredible rate of climb on take-off, take a look at this short vid:

Wow! 😀

Family update

And since I’ve rediscovered by blog today(!), I might as well post again to complete the trifecta for the evening.

Here’s a couple of recent photos of the kids and the vid we grabbed of some of Amy’s earliest steps…

Riding hippo at the zoo – shortly after her new hair style thanks to Mum and Aunty Jen,

Next up, the video of Amy starting her walking. Soon after this she reverted back to “knee-walking” with only the occasional steps. Now however, she chooses to walk whenever she can and delights in pushing her little prams around the house – very cute!

Early steps,

And along with her early steps, her first words are taking off – many related to food (that’s my girl!) including “more”, “milk” and “custard”. Her first word was of course “Dad”, although I believe Lou will say it was “Mum”… and rather than call the cats by name she delights in squealing at them! 🙂

Finally, here’s a recent pic of Matt – also at the zoo where he loves to drive the jeep!

Matt has taken great joy in Amy’s walking and delights in pointing out every time she walks across the room. He’s also super at entertaining his little sister, and I think between the rough and tumble he’s actually getting protective of her! As for entertaining us, Matt (like all toddlers no doubt) comes out with some funny things at times, but it’s the way kids approach language that fascinates me and makes you realise how silly some expressions are. One quirky statement of late is “I did that last day” – meaning yesterday – which actually makes perfect sense! 🙂

Ah the joy of kids – just as long as Amy grows out of her obsession with the Hi-5 Dance Hits DVD… 😛

Tech stories of the year and decade

One of my favourite tech podcasts, This Week in Tech (aka TWiT), took a look at the top tech stories of the year and decade gone in the recent episode #228. Host Leo Laporte with Kevin Rose ( and and Robert Scoble ( and discuss some of the defining events and trends in technology from what has certainly been an incredible decade. The episode is well worth a watch, and as a bonus is embedded here thanks to Leo now having a TWiT channel on YouTube,

Included in the discussion are lots of video submissions from a range of people in the tech sector as follows,

(Props to for the list which I shamelessly copied here!)

So what about my views? Glad you asked!

Personally, I think the explosion of the internet in the last 10 years should be at or near the top of the list. I remember moving from a dialup internet connection to “broadband” in May 2004 and thinking at the time “why is this thing always connected? surely I won’t need that.” Oh how times have changed! We now read the news (RIP newspapers), shop, get a weather forecast, talk to family via Skype, look up phone numbers (RIP phonebooks), watch TV shows and so much more at anytime online without a second thought. But perhaps bigger than all that is how the internet has brought friends (and indeed the world) so much closer together by making it easy to set up your own website or blog and to share photos, videos and news on sites like Flickr, YouTube and Twitter. And talking about internet trends wouldn’t be a complete discussion without mentioning Facebook which saw phenomenal growth in 2009 and now has us chatting and sharing with friends and family on a regular basis.

So for me, the internet was the big story of the decade and I believe the mobile internet (via cell phones, netbooks and laptops) will dominate the next 10…


A quick update on our little girl – not so little any more at 7.5 months!

Amy is going great guns on her food (apparently I’m not allowed to mention her thighs, and I’m definitely not allowed to call her “thunder thighs”… oops! 😉 ) and as a result is looking very healthy on the charts. She’s a happy wee girl and with Lou recently returning to part-time work I’ve had the pleasure of some daddy-days with her of late.

While still not crawling, she does do a good beached whale impersonation, and can sit fairly well now with her first vocalising sound being “ba”. 🙂 She’s also found her toes, loves anything with buttons (has her own cell phone as a result) and thinks her crazy brother is hysterical.

Finally, here’s a recent vid (~6 months) having fun with Mum,

Triple trouble

A little belated, but here’s a video from Jo taken last weekend at Cate’s 1st birthday party – Matt, Amalie and Cate playing with balloons in the bathtub…

I’m sure one of those girls was the ring leader… 😀


Recent YouTube additions…

By me! Two of the little guy in fact.

A while ago Matt figured out he could move his little plastic chairs to help him reach things – including the door handle,

Initially however, his cunning plan was flawed as the door swings inwards – right to where he planted the chair. HA! That didn’t last long. He now knows to leave a small gap, open the door a crack, climb down, move the chair, then open the door. Luckily, we have a last line of defence – all our external doors have deadlocks that can only be opened by keys (now hidden!)

And this vid was taken a couple of nights ago when Matt was having a great time singing “row row row your boat…” with his mum in the bath,