Quiet round these parts

[photo via jezarnold on flickr]

My poor little neglected blog. I haven’t forgotten you, but I must admit I’ve been seeing other sites, Google+ and Twitter if you must know. C’est la vie.

Happy New Year

Yup, 2011 is done! And to celebrate Google has the following doodle up today:

And being 2012, I suppose it’s time to cue the end of the world/calendar cartoons…

From Bizarro Blog:


From WebDonuts:

From Scientific Madness:




…so this is where I left my blog! 😛

Note to self: dust it off, clean out the cobwebs and post something useful (or a rant!) at least once in a while!

A good drop – and label!

Found during a cleanout at home…

According to TiZWine.com “A conglomeration of rockmelons and vanilla essence, caramel and concentrated malts. Ready for a scrumptious desert.”

Yeah, well. I don’t recall all that in the bottle, but it was a nice drop of desert wine.

Made by Crab Farm Winery in Hawkes Bay who also have a good restaurant if you’re in the area, thirsty and hungry.

I hope the label is not misleading and that is how they actually make it… 😉

07:07:07 07/07/07

7/7/7 – lucky for some?

If you’re the superstitious type, into numerology or appreciate the beauty of numbers in mathematics from time to time, then today is your lucky day (or maybe not!)

The religious among you will also note that today, being a Saturday, is the biblical Sabbath or seventh day of the week.

In NZ, you’ve already missed the above time, but 0707 UTC will pass this evening…

So, whether you make this a day of rest, play the slot machines for the elusive 777, or fly on a Boeing-777, enjoy it. This date only comes once.

Star Wars ATAT Stroller

From the “I Want One” list…

Complete with Snowspeeder mobile! Only for the true Star Wars geek (and geek-to-be!)

Spotted at Star Wars Celebration IV in Los Angeles, via Gizmodo – and a bunch of other sites… including this Flickr page where you’ll see a better close-up of the stroller+mobile.

Moon Hopper Vacuum Cleaner!

How cool would this be…

The boy could have fun while cleaning our house! 😀

If only it were real and not a design concept by Kristina Andersson