Happy New Year

Yup, 2011 is done! And to celebrate Google has the following doodle up today:

And being 2012, I suppose it’s time to cue the end of the world/calendar cartoons…

From Bizarro Blog:


From WebDonuts:

From Scientific Madness:



I’m a Samsung

A brilliant ad from Samsung taking a pot-shot at the Apple fanboys:


The best line in the ad would have to be: “If it looks the same how will people know I upgraded?” followed closely by “I could never get a Samsung, I’m creative”. LOL! 😀

Nice one Samsung. I’d like to think that S2 will be my next Galaxy phone…

Weather Radar


[via xkcd]


No Tim, that is not a joke. 😛

Inspiration and remix from xkcd.com webcomics under CC BY-NC 2.5 license.


Google search for “tilt” on my Android

After seeing this little easter egg mentioned on Google Operating System (-via Search Engine Land) I thought I’d check it out for myself. Here’s the result on my Android:

😀 Nice one Google.

New password policy



While listening to Security Now #258 the other day where Leo and Steve were discussing a website that offers to crack passwords via a dictionary attack for a fee, I was reminded of this xkcd comic:


And while I’m here, here’s another comic for fun: