…the personal blog of Chris Noble, direct to you from Wellington, New Zealand.
Just a little corner of the internet for stuff I want to share publicly.

So what’s here? Well, obviously my blog, with random rambles and geek goss. Who knows, you might actually find something useful once in a while…

The links at the top of the sidebar on the right direct you to my personal domain – noble.gen.nz.

W4 – Weather Links
A set of pages containing what I hope is all the links you’ll need for any weather related info and news in New Zealand (and you might even find a few links for our friends across the ditch…)

ImagePref Firefox Add-on
A simple Firefox Add-on allowing you to show or hide images using a status bar check box or the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+Shift+I”. Created by Omar Khan and updated by me for v3. Grab it via noble.gen.nz/imagepref.

A little website for my PC gaming mates, showing off our rigs and recording our LAN Parties.

Also online @
…a whole bunch of other places! I post my photos to Picasa and videos to YouTube. Random comments get posted to Twitter and (mostly) tech stories I like get a +1 on Google+. And if you know me personally, friend me up on Facebook.

So there you go. Happy browsing!

Got a question or comment? Leave me a note on the blog, or click through to my weather links site where you’ll find a comment form.

Chris Noble.

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