NZ Android Apps

A quick post to share the New Zealand focused Android Apps I’m currently using.

My goto site for NZ news – The app is nicely done and has earned a place on my homescreen. It defaults to “top stories” when you open it, but has easy access to sub-sections and once in a story you can swipe left and right to cycle through the articles in that section.


My Account – Vodafone NZ

As you might expect, this app gives you fast access to your account summary, top up and plan details. It also sports a store finder map in the event you need to visit the bricks and mortar to see a human or fondle a phone.


Quick Quake Viewer

This app provides info on both worldwide and NZ earthquakes, using GeoNet information for local quakes. Area options include Worldwide M5+ or M2.5+ and NZ M2.5+ and the app can optionally auto-update in the background. The quick view list includes magnitude, location, time and distance from you or a set location, and if you long-press a quake in the list you can get at the full GeoNet info, or tap to get a Google map with location marker.


Wellington Airport Flight Info

A nice, simple interface to get at flight information for domestic/international arrivals/departures. Great if live near the airport and need to collect people or have kids who like plane spotting (as I do on both counts!) Feel free to smile at the kiwi-isms for the flight status e.g. Sweet As! for on time and Bugger! for delayed. 🙂


A local movie guide with two basic sections for browsing – Movies and Sessions. Movies are presented with poster thumbnails grouped into Top 10, Now Playing and Coming Soon, linking to movie info, trailers, reviews and theatre session times.



If you buy tech hardware including computer components, electronics and games in NZ (or Norway and Sweden) then you should always visit PriceSpy first to check out online price comparisons. Admittedly I don’t use the PriceSpy app much (I frequently visit their website instead) but it does give the same info as the website and could well come in handy if you’re out and about and contemplating an impulse buy!


So there you have it. My top 6 NZ specific Android apps. If you’ve got any other favourite apps for kiwis, let me know in the comments!

About Chris
A self confessed geek, meteorologist (aka weather forecaster), father & proud kiwi mainlander living, working & playing in Wellington, New Zealand.

5 Responses to NZ Android Apps

  1. Mick says:

    I use NZ newspapers as my main news app, it gives me more options considering don’t always have the latest news.

    I’m going to get the PriceSpy app tho!

  2. Chris says:

    Yeah good app that one Mick – esp if you read multiple sources.

    I used to use it when I first got my phone, but I was mostly just hitting Stuff in it so switched to the mobile Stuff website (pre Stuff app release). Also, it used to be a space hog so I uninstalled it – needed the space before I flashed to Froyo (not so much of a problem now with app2sd).

  3. Colin says:

    Nicely done, Chris. Appreciate your efforts. Have just logged onto your blogs as I’m also using Froyo on my Ideos U8150, which is also via Vodafone. Hoping to use another blog software (eventually) other than WordPress at some time in future., Just managed to lnstall AirNZ mPass, but will try and contrib something later,


  4. Chris says:

    Hi Colin,
    Cheers for the comments. I’m pretty sure the AirNZ mPass app would be on my list if I was a frequent flier, or just flying! (haven’t for a while now…) Pretty useful eh? Also in the same leauge are a couple of local transit apps for public buses here in Wellington, but again bus use for me is pretty infrequent…

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