Southerly winds for Wellington Anniversary Weekend

Here’s the latest Press Release from MetService:

The MetService weather forecast for Wellington’s long weekend is for more of the same, with periods of southerly wind and passing showers.

“The last dry weekend in Wellington was in mid-November last year”, commented MetService Weather Ambassador, Bob McDavitt. “So it is no great surprise that showery southerlies are likely again during the coming Anniversary weekend”.

Mr. McDavitt added that the showers and southerly winds are not expected to be as intense as last weekend, and should not require any weather warnings. “There is a complex trough affecting the North Island for the next few days, and it seems set to deliver one period of southerlies to the region on Friday lasting through Saturday, and another late on Sunday or early on Monday”.

“Wellington’s anniversary holiday is celebrated on Monday by people living in a large part of the south half of the North Island. If you are in this area and looking for some sunny mild weather with light winds this weekend to plan an anniversary BBQ or have some outdoor fun then your best bet is Sunday during the day”.

Issued 01:58pm 21-Jan-2010


And my take on it:


Tech stories of the year and decade

One of my favourite tech podcasts, This Week in Tech (aka TWiT), took a look at the top tech stories of the year and decade gone in the recent episode #228. Host Leo Laporte with Kevin Rose ( and and Robert Scoble ( and discuss some of the defining events and trends in technology from what has certainly been an incredible decade. The episode is well worth a watch, and as a bonus is embedded here thanks to Leo now having a TWiT channel on YouTube,

Included in the discussion are lots of video submissions from a range of people in the tech sector as follows,

(Props to for the list which I shamelessly copied here!)

So what about my views? Glad you asked!

Personally, I think the explosion of the internet in the last 10 years should be at or near the top of the list. I remember moving from a dialup internet connection to “broadband” in May 2004 and thinking at the time “why is this thing always connected? surely I won’t need that.” Oh how times have changed! We now read the news (RIP newspapers), shop, get a weather forecast, talk to family via Skype, look up phone numbers (RIP phonebooks), watch TV shows and so much more at anytime online without a second thought. But perhaps bigger than all that is how the internet has brought friends (and indeed the world) so much closer together by making it easy to set up your own website or blog and to share photos, videos and news on sites like Flickr, YouTube and Twitter. And talking about internet trends wouldn’t be a complete discussion without mentioning Facebook which saw phenomenal growth in 2009 and now has us chatting and sharing with friends and family on a regular basis.

So for me, the internet was the big story of the decade and I believe the mobile internet (via cell phones, netbooks and laptops) will dominate the next 10…