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Hello Slingshot

Following a recent price rise by Orcon (the second in under a year), I decided to move on after being a loyal customer for 5 years – my “Welcome to Orcon” email was received 21/3/2004! Sadly, they couldn’t offer me anything to stay and have no discount for valued customers, so I jumped ship and am now with Slingshot.

Incredibly, the full switch of both internet and phone service was done within 48 hours of speaking to a Slingshot customer rep! The only hiccup was that when they switched me over I lost my internet connection and thus couldn’t get the email telling me I’d been moved to Slingshot and to update my modem settings to reconnect. Duh! Lesson for ISP’s: make a phone call to tell new customers they’re up and running – don’t send an email!

So why Slingshot? In short, they’re cheaper for the same speed and same data I was getting with Orcon – provided I schedule my large downloads (such as video podcasts from during the free off-peak period overnight.

And while not directly related to switching ISP’s, I also got a stellar speed increase about the same time due to my local cabinet getting a fibre upgrade. Before the cabinet upgrade and while with Orcon, the fastest download speed I saw via was,

(I later paid an extra $10/month to upgrade the upload speed to “max”)

And now, here’s a sample from this evening as I write this,

Yeah baby! Of course that’s a somewhat synthetic test to a server in NZ and actual download speed (usually from overseas sites/servers) will be less than that. As an example, here’s the fastest “real world” speed I’ve seen – during a download of a video podcast via iTunes,

which is outstanding IMHO – that 385MB file was done in under 5 minutes!

So there you go. I’m now a happy Slingshot customer – drawn in by good pricing (for both internet and phone), free off-peak data, and data banking (purchased unused data is carried forward). Oh, and no complaints about the speed either!

Small is good

Just a quick post to show off my newest gadget – a tiny 8GB USB Flash Drive from Super Talent,

Yup, at ~3cm long it’s small enough to sit on the end of your finger and easy to lose! This came courtesy of my sis via Ascent for my birthday recently. 🙂