30 and 3

…months that is.

Matthew turned 30 months old yesterday and Amy 3 months today! The kids are doing great – Matt is a little chatterbox and fun to talk to while Amy is all smiles, wriggling lots and sleeping well most nights. A couple of recent pics…

Smiley girl,

and Matt riding a Rhino Hippo(!) at the zoo,


About Chris
A self confessed geek, meteorologist (aka weather forecaster), father & proud kiwi mainlander living, working & playing in Wellington, New Zealand.

2 Responses to 30 and 3

  1. Nic says:

    You need to spend more time in africa. Thats a hippo not a rhino…

  2. Chris says:

    Right you are. He told me it was a Rhino and I believed him! (at least that’s my story…) Corrected post.

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