Clever Facebook Ad?

Had to laugh when I saw this ad next to a pregnancy photo of Louise in my Facebook photo album,

Clever targetted ad or pure coincidence? You decide!

On geeks and the internet


Speaking of geeks, and being one myself with a physics and maths background, I’m loving the TV show “The Big Bang Theory“. Ok, so we’re only a year behind the US in getting it, but hey. Super stuff. (see CBS, IMDB, Wikipedia)

Waiting for baby

Approaching 38 weeks…

SPORE? Meh. (Pt.2)

Play-Doh + 2yr old > SPORE!

Much more fun than the game!

Christmas is coming…

I know this, as I saw an ad on TV last night – and we’re not even half way through October yet! Sheesh.

Comparing photos

Any similarities here…?

Ages are: left = 18 months, right = 19 months…