Props to Microsoft

While I’ve yet to see any on our screens, Microsoft’s ad campaign is underway in the US and I reckon the new ads (below) are awesome. While Apple’s “Get a Mac” series is sometimes clever (eg here and here), their ads are at times misleading and based on stereotyping, often portraying Macs as fun and PCs as boring – which I reckon would make a good Tui ad here in NZ! (just look at how many gamers use Macs – if you can find any!)

Microsoft’s new ads show a bunch of diverse and interesting people saying they use a PC, the humanity of which might straight up change people’s perception of Microsoft. While some might argue that these ads aren’t really pushing a Microsoft product or service per say, they have got people talking about Microsoft (and Vista) and are an outstanding response to the (up to now) unchallenged Apple ads. Furthermore, they tend to make Apple look even more snobby or smug all of a sudden as several sites have pointed out (eg TechCrunch or SuperSite for Windows).

So kudos Microsoft. I like your approach and your ads. Here are the new ones,


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