Happy Retirement Dad!

You’ve most certainly earned it. 🙂


A remix of xkcd #480

Inspired by xkcd, having played those games and being underwhelmed by SPORE. And I’m not the only one to draw the above parallels. Here’s a screenshot from the Zero Punctuation review,


Sadly SPORE hasn’t lived up to the hype in my opinion and lacks some of the cool things demo’d 2 years ago. Additionally, the DRM Electronic Arts has imposed on this title just plain sucks which has lead to some heavy protest review voting on Amazon (85% of the current 2982 reviews are 1-star!) fuelled by a call to activate against EA by DefectiveByDesign.org.

My one-liner: great idea and briefly fun, but over hyped with little staying power or repeat playing potential.

1UP.com’s review was also mixed,

Spore’s a flawed effort in five different genres, smushed together in a casual-player-friendly manner. But as a tangible representation of intelligent design, with an emphasis on creation and sharing, it falls perfectly in line with the rest of Will Wright’s work.

IGN’s sum up was similar,

Spore is undoubtedly an amazing accomplishment; it’s just not quite an amazing game.

Ah well. Bring on Call of Duty 5…!

Props to Microsoft

While I’ve yet to see any on our screens, Microsoft’s ad campaign is underway in the US and I reckon the new ads (below) are awesome. While Apple’s “Get a Mac” series is sometimes clever (eg here and here), their ads are at times misleading and based on stereotyping, often portraying Macs as fun and PCs as boring – which I reckon would make a good Tui ad here in NZ! (just look at how many gamers use Macs – if you can find any!)

Microsoft’s new ads show a bunch of diverse and interesting people saying they use a PC, the humanity of which might straight up change people’s perception of Microsoft. While some might argue that these ads aren’t really pushing a Microsoft product or service per say, they have got people talking about Microsoft (and Vista) and are an outstanding response to the (up to now) unchallenged Apple ads. Furthermore, they tend to make Apple look even more snobby or smug all of a sudden as several sites have pointed out (eg TechCrunch or SuperSite for Windows).

So kudos Microsoft. I like your approach and your ads. Here are the new ones,

Dads #1 teacher for sons

Yo fellow Dad’s out there!

Sons learn life skills from their dads

A new Father’s Day poll shows nearly 75 percent of Australian dads learned their most valuable and important life skills from their own fathers.

Top among those skills was how to drive a car, how to ride a bike, changing a tyre, changing a light bulb, building a fire and knotting a tie.

“We know from previous scientific research that boys who have active and involved fathers are more likely to do better academically, socially and emotionally,” he said in a statement.

via Stuff.co.nz (and archived via WebCite) …thanks Sarah!

And this coming Sunday (7th Sep) is of course Father’s Day here in New Zealand, so don’t forget to thank the old fella for your life skills!

Vodafone scam alert!

Yes, you can get SPAM on your phone!

I received a couple of these txt messages last night (you shall remain nameless!) which should immediately jump out at you as being a scam.

This isn’t the first time these type of messages have done the rounds, but this one is so fake it’s laughable. Why? Oh boy, where to start…

  • It clearly contains a spelling mistake, bad grammar and a lack of punctuation
  • It didn’t come from Vodafone
  • It sounds too good to be true (which means it most certainly is!) Spend $2 and get $50 – yeah right!
  • Deals and promos from Vodafone always contain a link to their website for more info or a phone number you can call

And if you want confirmation it’s fake from Vodafone themselves, check out this forum post by Paul Brislen – Vodafone’s External Communications Manager.

I promised those that got sucked in a lecture, so here goes… after the break that is…

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