Strange looking weather map

If you’ve looked at this weekend’s forecast weather map you might notice something strange. Something we haven’t seen for quite some time – over a month in fact. Here’s a sneak peek at the situation for noon Saturday,

Yes folks, do not be alarmed, that “H” with a big number next to it is a good thing! Finally, we have an anticyclone crossing the country. So noteworthy is this event, that MetService have issued a press release


MetService forecasters expect the last few days of August to bring generally dry weather as an anticyclone moves across the South Island.

“This is the first anticyclone to visit New Zealand since mid-July’, said MetService Weather Ambassador, Bob McDavitt. “It will bring light winds to much of the country and several dry days to the east of the South Island and southern parts of the North Island, where they are most needed”.

The anticyclone is not 100% dry. As pressures rise over the South Island on Friday, a southwesterly wind change is likely to bring a brief period of showers to eastern districts. Over the weekend, easterly winds may bring cloud and showers to Coromandel and Northland, and drizzle is likely for parts of the West Coast of the South Island.

“It’ll should be a good weekend for skiing”, added Mr. McDavitt.

So, stock up the sun cream, get the kids pumped for sport and pack the picnic basket! Enjoy it while it lasts.

Sadly, I’m working all weekend… weather forecasting! Bugger.

Movies finally in the NZ iTunes Store

Apple announced today that movies are now available in the iTunes Store in both New Zealand and Australia – for both purchase and rental,

According to Apple there are “over 700 films for purchase and rent” with “over 100 titles available in stunning high definition”, and new releases should be available for purchase the same day they are released on DVD.

A quick browse of the titles suggests that most downloads will be around the 1-1.5GB size – pretty hefty unless you have a decent broadband plan for both download speed and monthy quota.

Pricing in NZ has been set as follows,

iTunes movies in New Zealand start at NZ$9.99 for catalog title purchases, NZ$17.99 for recent releases and NZ$24.99 for new releases. iTunes Movie Rentals are NZ$4.99 for library title rentals and NZ$6.99 for new releases, and high definition versions are priced at just one dollar more.

So not too shabby for pricing I suppose, but the barrier will be download speeds and broadband costs on top of that – unlike other countries, NZ doesn’t have unlimited data caps and super fast download speeds in general, so many people will be either ruled out or face an unenviable wait while the file downloads.

Another important point to note is that for movie rentals, you have 30 days to start watching it, then 48 hours to finish watching it. The ideal solution for viewing would have to be an Apple TV, otherwise you’ll be stuck watching it on your PC unless that’s wired to your TV.  Oh, and of course your video iPod, touch or iPhone will also play them.

A nice addition to the iTunes Store, but what I’m looking forward to is the eventual(?) arrival of TV episodes…

Triple trouble

A little belated, but here’s a video from Jo taken last weekend at Cate’s 1st birthday party – Matt, Amalie and Cate playing with balloons in the bathtub…

I’m sure one of those girls was the ring leader… 😀


Gmail hits 7000MB

After logging into Gmail this morning I saw this,

Wow. That’s a lot of storage, and I’m hardly touching it. Might be time to start backing up more of my docs and pics to Gmail!

If you’re after a good web-based email solution, Gmail wins hands down IMO. In fact, I’ll go one step further and say you should be using a web-based solution these days. I am. Totally. I recently migrated all my email from Thunderbird to Gmail via IMAP and I now have the luxury of getting my email anywhere there is an internet connection. Cloud computing is where its at baby!

Kudos Google. You rock.

A good drop – and label!

Found during a cleanout at home…

According to “A conglomeration of rockmelons and vanilla essence, caramel and concentrated malts. Ready for a scrumptious desert.”

Yeah, well. I don’t recall all that in the bottle, but it was a nice drop of desert wine.

Made by Crab Farm Winery in Hawkes Bay who also have a good restaurant if you’re in the area, thirsty and hungry.

I hope the label is not misleading and that is how they actually make it… 😉

Matt turns two!

The little guy had his second birthday on Saturday, celebrated with family and friends.

For this and a few other photos from Matt’s big day, click though to our “2 years” album at Picasa.

And to everyone who joined us for the party, thanks for helping make it a special day and for the awesome presents!


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