NZ iPhone data plans announced

Yesterday Vodafone NZ advised that the iPhone would start at NZ$199 – not too shabby, until you review their data plans announced today… If you thought the Canadians had it rough, check out the following exorbitant prices,

First up, that $199 price quoted earlier only applies if you buy an 8GB model with 1GB of data per month at a cost of $250/month! The astute among you will immediately realise this equates to a grand total of $6,199 over the course of the 2 year contract for the handset plus data! If you’re willing to shell out that much, you might as well treat yourself to a 16GB model for just $150 more.

The cheapest option is to buy an 8GB model with a paltry 250MB of data per month at an ongoing cost of $80/month, which totals $2,469 over the 2 year contract period. Just to be clear, 250MB per month is less than 9MB/day, which given the size of feature/media rich web pages these days is trivial to use up with simple web surfing.

Those plans are laughable. Congratulations Vodafone NZ – you’ve probably just announced the most expensive iPhone on the planet! How you can justify to charge that much for data is beyond me.

So yeah, no iPhone for me, but then that probably comes as no surprise really.


UPDATE: But wait, it gets worse (if that’s possible). The folks in the forum have pointed out that you can’t get the phone on a prepay plan and there will be no visual voicemail when the phone is launched (this is not to say Vodafone won’t support it in the future, but hey, that’s one very cool feature missing).

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