Hello Winter!

You know winter has gripped the country when the MetService Warning Map look like this,

That was the warning status at midday today (Saturday 5 July), and if you could see the original animated map, you’d note that most of those little snow icons in the east of both islands were flashing between snow and strong winds. Needless to say the current Severe Weather Warning is extensive and covers many regions of the country.

There has already been significant snow falls in the lower South Island and as I type this early afternoon, snow is spreading up through Canterbury and is now falling in Christchurch (thanks for the report Nic!). Even here in Wellington we had some sleet and light snow showers on the hills earlier today – a stark contrast to the now clear skies. Don’t be fooled by the current lull in the capital though, the real nasty weather should arrive this evening – just in time for kickoff at the stadium…

For the latest official warnings, forecasts and observations, hit the MetService website.

MetService Warning Map (shown above), also;
Severe Weather Warning and Road Snowfall Warnings
Transit NZ highway info
AA Roadwatch* …but see below…

Wrap up warm – this outbreak is a cold one!


UPDATE – Sun 6 July – Looks like I won’t be recommending the “AA Roadwatch” website anymore… When icy conditions and widespread snow affect many roads the last thing you want to see on a public road info page is,

As a result of the current conditions we are experiencing high demand for this service.

Followed by a blank page where road info should be!

A big thumbs down to the AA – this coming from a dedicated member for 17 years. If you can’t keep your website up and running when the public need it most, you might as well pull the plug.  Shame on you AA.


About Chris
A self confessed geek, meteorologist (aka weather forecaster), father & proud kiwi mainlander living, working & playing in Wellington, New Zealand.

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