ImagePref Add-on for Firefox 3.0


Update – Nov 21, 2008: I’ve updated ImagePref for v3.1 compatibility and given it a homepage at:


As I mentioned in a recent post, I’ve been playing with RC1 (release candidate 1) of Firefox version 3.0 in anticipation of the upcoming release – possibly later this month. So far I’ve had no problems or crashes with the only annoyance being that some of my favourite add-ons haven’t been updated to work with v3. Of the few add-ons I use regularly that are not compatible, most I’m willing to do without until they are updated and in some cases I can probably live without a few permanently. One however, is indispensable for me and I haven’t been able to find a suitable replacement. That being,


This is possibly one of the most useful add-ons for power surfers, especially those who want to scan and read a lot of different news sites quickly. So what does it do? ImagePref simply places a little check box in your status bar allowing you to toggle the display of images off and on,

As you might guess, removing images from a webpage makes it look ugly and unusable in some cases, but for heavily text-based content (like news sites) it removes all the distracting and unnecessary images and makes browsing multiple sites much faster.

Sadly, this add-on is no longer available on the Mozilla Add-ons website, and my attempt to contact the creator has drawn a blank. There was also no license info with the previous version I was using, so given all of the above, I’ve modified it myself to work with v3. Furthermore, since I couldn’t find anyone else offering an updated version, I’m providing mine for others to use,

ImagePref-2008.06.03 (for versions 1.5 – 3.0.*)

For disclosure, the edits I made changed the “maxVersion” to “3.0.*”, added myself as a contributor, tweaked the description, commented out the homepage URL (since it isn’t valid anymore) and updated the add-on version number and filename. Please note, I am not an add-on developer and this most certainly isn’t the best method(!) for updating an add-on to be compatible with a new major app version. Also, I am not claiming any credit for this add-on and will not be supporting it. If you find this add-on useful, please use it but note that you do so at your own risk (ie don’t blame me if it breaks something!). I’ve tested it with RC1 and it’s working fine for me with exactly the same behavior as under v2.



UPDATE: I have just received an email from the creator Omar Khan who is no longer supporting imagepref. Thankfully, he has given me permission to use and modify the code. Cheers Omar!

Update – Nov 21, 2008: I’ve updated ImagePref for v3.1 compatibility and given it a homepage at:


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6 Responses to ImagePref Add-on for Firefox 3.0

  1. Red Roar says:

    Thanks. A great extension

  2. Matt says:

    Thanks for this-
    I did the same thing for ImgLikeOpera, a while back:

    but unfortunately, ImgLikeOpera is far more buggy than ImagePref, particularly for forums.
    I wish ImagePref had ImgLikeOpera’s cached-image functionality-
    or that ImgLikeOpera wasn’t so buggy!

  3. Michael says:

    Thanks for taking time to get this great extension comes back to work.

  4. niobe says:

    Yes, this is a great FF addon. I’ve used it since its inception. I actually was just Googling looking to see it imagepref had been enhanced. (I’m interested in an addon that will hide images in my saved list of urls)

  5. Alap says:

    One of the Best plugins. It provides the much desired functionality of Opera’s Hide Image built-in feature. I just hoep you are approached by Firefox to incorporate this feature as a Built-in.
    Also, this could be further enhanced to give quick preferences like: View Images/Cached Images/No-Images. Very Suitable for Power-User like myself.

    This plugin combined with Add-Block Plus & Flash Block cleans out any Text-Based Site & clearly tips the scale to Firefox as an ultimate browser.

    Thanks & Keep up the good work. Took me a while to get this plugin but it sure is a keeper.

  6. Chris says:

    And just in case anyone missed the update notice above, I’ve updated ImagePref for compatibility with v3.1 (tested and working with v3.1b1 since the full release isn’t out yet).

    I have also made a homepage for ImagePref at,

    Cheers, Chris.

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