Old enough to have kids?

Via xkcd,

I bet my future kids will read this someday. DEAR FUTURE KIDS; how did you get internet in the cellar?

Nice alt text too… “I bet my future kids will read this someday.  DEAR FUTURE KIDS: how did you get internet in the cellar?” 😀

Getting geeky at the supermarket

We dropped into a different supermarket than normal on the weekend, the New World in Newtown in fact, where I was surprised to see not only large flatscreen LCD TV’s hanging above the isles, but also electronic price tags on everything,

apologies for the fuzzy photo via my cellphone, but you get the idea – cute little LCD screens with prices on them, presumably with little solar panels for power and possibly a light sensor as well(?) No more printed paper prices here!

The large LCD TV’s had music videos playing along with split screen in-store product ads from time to time,

Now if I could only have a remote for the TV and an armchair while the missus did the shopping I’d be set! Better still – stick a mini LCD TV on my trolley and I’ll do the shopping… 😀

Today you’ll make history with Firefox

This arrived in my inbox this morning,

Download Day is now on with an attempt on a Guinness World Record for the most software downloads in 24 hours. Unfortunately there was a bit of a false start this morning as the Mozilla sites have been plagued by outages, presumably due to the insane amount of traffic they are getting. To make matters worse, the download site carried the old v2.0.0.14 for a while, but as I type this it has finally been fixed and the download link is working!

If you’re keen to grab a slick new version of Firefox, click through to download Firefox 3.0 – you have until 6:16am NZST on Thursday to download and be counted in the record attempt.

For a sneak peek at new features check out Mozilla’s Firefox Features page.



With just one hour left to go in Download Day, I think Mozilla will see it as nothing short of a spectacular response to their fine work. What were they hoping for? This from the FAQ at spreadfirefox.com,

Do we have to reach a specific number of downloads in order to set the record?
This is the first record attempt of its kind so there is no set number. We’d really like to outdo the number of Firefox 2 downloads on its launch day, which was 1.6 million. Let’s shoot for 5 million–the sky is the limit!

Five million – an ambitious target perhaps. Until you see the live download counter that is (load and wait a minute or so) which currently shows in excess of 7.8 million downloads,

and earlier I saw that download rate (the figure in red) push over 11,000/minute! If you downloaded Firefox 3, you’re also being encouraged to “flaunt it” by grabbing yourself a certificate here. The Mozilla folks certainly know how to have fun!

Kudos Mozilla. You guys rock.

It’s a Girl (apparently)

We had our 20 week scan last week and according to the sonographer we’re expecting a girl – simply for the fact he couldn’t see any boy’s bits in between baby’s crossed legs… I dunno, he wasn’t overly convincing (for me anyway) so we’ll have a boys name as backup come d-day.

Here’s a little peek at baby, a profile shot snug inside mum with hands up to her(?) face,

Let the name games begin! (got any suggestions?)

The winter fogs return

Following a foggy start to the day here in Wellington, I thought I’d see what the MODIS imagery from NASA looked like. Not surprisingly, there was a lot of fog and low cloud around – especially over the South Island under a ridge of high pressure, and luckily, a “Terra” satellite pass captured the South Island beautifully at 10:30am this morning.

Firstly, here’s Otago and South Canterbury, including the Mackenzie Basin, with extensive low cloud or fog in many valleys and basins (at 500m resolution),

Further north, and at a higher resolution of 250m, here’s part of Buller and northern Westland,

again with low cloud or fog right up through the Grey Valley and Buller Gorge, also in many of the valleys in North Canterbury inland and north of Hanmer Springs.

If you want to see the full high resolution (250m) image covering the lower half of the North Island and all of the South Island, click through to this page on the MODIS website (the full image is 5416×8120 pixels with a filesize of 8.1MB). Enjoy!

Today’s MODIS Satellite Pics

A couple of nice photos from NASA’s MODIS Rapid Response System

The first taken at 10:25am this morning (from “Terra”) shows melting snow on the Canterbury Plains that fell on Saturday,

From the looks of that picture, the biggest falls on the Plains might have been in the Methven to Mt Somers area.

The second photo taken at 2:35pm this afternoon (from “Aqua”) shows some nice cloud formations at different levels in the strong southwest airstream covering the South Island – some low level cumulus (probably in rotors), mid-level lenticulars and some high level cirrus,


If you want to see the full 250m high resolution images that these are cropped from, click through from the images above.