Die Another Day

Die Another Day (2002) is the 20th James Bond film, released 40 years after Dr No and is the last outing for Pierce Brosnan as James Bond.

From Wikipedia: “In the film, Bond is betrayed after killing a rogue North Korean Colonel and captured. Once released in a prisoner exchange, he must follow a trail of clues in an effort to reveal the MI6 leak and soon learns that the villain he is pursuing is the same North Korean Colonel he supposedly killed. James then must prevent a satellite from igniting a war between North and South Korea.”

The film features two ‘Bond girls’ – Halle Berry as “Jinx” and Rosamund Pike as “Miranda Frost”. Fans of the saga will immediately recognise Berry’s first screen appearance as a homage to the first James Bond film Dr No where, like Berry in this film, Ursula Andress (as Honey Rider) walks out of the sea in a bikini. This is fully intentional, and throughout the film homage is paid to all of the previous 19 films – through repeated scenes, re-used gadgets and character lines. Also, Q gives 007 a new watch, describing it as “your twentieth”.

A few good lines crop up in the movie, including,

Frost: “I take it Mr. Bond’s been explaining his Big Bang theory?”
Jinx: “Oh yeah, I think I got the thrust of it.” 😉

Gadget wise, Bond’s watch contains a laser cutter and his ring is an “ultra high-frequency single digit sonic agitator unit” that can shatter any glass surface. More notable however would have to be the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish which is capable of becoming invisible along with having the usual rockets, guns and ejector seat. Another piece of high-tech wizardry to feature is a virtual combat simulator which 007 uses for realistic weapons training and Moneypenny uses for a bit of Bond one-on-one fantasy…

The film was enjoyable, but the special effects were a little over used at times – especially when the satellite weapon was fired up in Iceland and Korea. The first Bond of the new millennium has all the expected elements, from fast paced action with witty dialogue to girls, guns and gadgets. I’d have to place it third best of the Brosnan entries, pushing Tomorrow Never Dies to #4.

Links for more info: Wikipedia and IMDB (6.1/10).


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