Tomorrow Never Dies

“You always were a cunning linguist James” 😀

Another day, another Bond flick as I cram the final few in before Christmas…

Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) has James Bond trying to stop a crazy media mogul (with a stealth ship) from starting a war between the UK and China in order to gain exclusive coverage and thereby rule the media world.

If you’re after stunts and explosions, this one’s for you! The film opens at “a terrorist arms bazaar on the russian border” where the action soon heats up with 007 stealing a fighter jet, and from there until the end of the movie there’s no shortage of action.

Besides the memorable quote (and scene) above, the following stand out,

Admiral Roebuck: “With all due respect M, sometimes I don’t think you have the balls for this job.”
M: “Perhaps. But the advantage is that I don’t have to think with them all the time.”

(M is of course played again by Judi Dench)

M: “Use your relationship with Mrs Carver if necessary”
007: “I doubt if she’ll remember me”
M: “Remind her, then pump her for information”
Moneypenny: “You’ll just have to decide how much pumping will be necessary James” 😉

The media moguls wife Paris Carver is played by Teri Hatcher, with Bond later teaming up with a female Chinese agent Wai Lin played by Michelle Yeoh (also in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon).

The stand out gadget would have to be Bonds cell phone with a fingerprint scanner, 20,000 volt stun gun, lock pick and remote control for his BMW 750iL (which is naturally tricked out with plenty of Q-branch modifications).

I enjoyed this one less than Goldeneye, but it does cement Brosnan in the role. IMDB users give it 6.4/10 and you’ll find plenty more info at Wikipedia.

18 down, three to go…


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