After six years without a Bond flick, Goldeneye was released in 1995 – the first of four to feature Pierce Brosnan as James Bond.

Also new to this one is Judi Dench as M and Samantha Bond as Moneypenny, with Sean Bean starring as 006.

The DVD cover synopsis reads, “when a powerful satellite system falls into the wrong hands of a former ally-turned-enemy, only 007 can save the world from an awesome space weapon”.

I thought Goldeneye was awesome and would have to be my favourite in the series thus far. The film certainly revitalised the saga with Brosnan pulling off the role far better his predecessor Dalton, and all things trademark Bond once again present.

As far as girls and gadgets go, this one includes a henchwoman called Xenia Onatopp who asphyxiates her enemies between her thighs 😉 with Q giving 007 a pen grenade and wristwatch with a laser cutter.

The memorable quotes and one liners are back in full swing including,

Bond: “How do you take it?”
Onatopp: “Straight up… with a twist.”

Bond: “What would I ever do without you?”
Moneypenny: “As far as I can remember, you’ve never had me!”

Q: “And this, I’m particularly proud of – behind the headlights, stinger missiles!”
Bond: “Excellent, just the thing for unwinding after a rough day at the office.”
Q: “Need I remind you, 007, that you have a license to kill, not to break traffic laws.”

Goldeneye is well worth a watch, whether you’re a Bond fan or just after a good action movie. Ratings include 7.1/10 at IMDB and a fresh 84% at Rotten Tomatoes. See Wikipedia for more info and trivia…


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