Licence to Kill

Licence to Kill (1989) is the 16th Bond movie and the second of two with Timothy Dalton as 007.

Originally scheduled to be released as “Licence Revoked”, this one sees Bond leave Her Majesty’s Secret Service to chase down an evil drug lord and avenge his best friend, Felix.

I thought the film was pretty average, with Dalton again portraying a very serious, and much darker, Bond. This one is more violent than previous films and is a bit lacking in the trademark chase scenes and sly sexual references.

Interestingly, Q gets some extended screentime in this one, with the most notable gadget being a signature camera gun – essentially a camera that converts to a sniper rifle which only fires for the person the hand grip has been programmed for. Yet again Q and 007 have some fun banter, including,

Bond: “This is no place for you, Q. Go home.”
Q: “Oh, don’t be an idiot, 007. I know exactly what you’re up to, and quite frankly, you’re going to need my help. Remember, if it hadn’t been for Q Branch, you’d have been dead long ago.”

For more info and trivia, see Wikipedia and IMDB (6.4/10).

I’m kinda pleased to be done with Dalton and looking forward to re-watching the Brosnan entries. Next up is Goldeneye…


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