The Living Daylights

Enter Timothy Dalton for Bond #15.

The Living Daylights (1987) is the first of Dalton’s two Bond movies, and features what I thought was a very good pre-title sequence in Gibraltar. While executing a training mission there, an assassin kills two other 00-agents, with Bond giving chase and eventually parachuting off a burning jeep as it plunges over a cliff.

The rest of the film also features some good action sequences, with 007 tasked with stopping a KGB general and an arms dealer who are killing spies in an effort to create a war between the British and Soviet intelligence agencies.

Locations in this one include Slovakia, Austria, England, Morocco and Afghanistan where Bond teams up with the Mujahideen to attack a Soviet air force base and winds up hijacking a plane used to smuggle drugs in Red Cross parcels – something that didn’t go down well with the Red Cross at the time.

Besides a keychain gadget that can pick locks and has stun gas and explosives in it, Q is also seen testing a portable stereo/boom-box rocket launcher leading to the line “Something we’re making for the Americans. We call it the ghetto-blaster”. 😀

The film was enjoyable, following the last from Roger Moore, with possibly the only thing lacking being some cheap trademark Bond humor from Dalton who comes across as a more serious Bond. Also notable in this one is a new, and younger, Miss Moneypenny.

Links: Wikipedia. IMDB (6.6/10).


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