A View To A Kill

The Bond flicks are coming thick and fast now…

A View To A Kill (1985) is the seventh and final film starring Roger Moore as 007. Yet another ski chase scene opens this film after Bond recovers a microchip from a dead agent, followed by the title sequence and theme by Duran Duran. The film proper has Bond investigating a horse racing scam which leads him to uncover a plot by Max Zorin to destroy Silicon Valley and take over global microchip supply…

I didn’t enjoy this one as much as previous Moore efforts, and a quick surf round some movie sites shows it didn’t fare well with reviewers (including a 6/10 at IMDB and a rotten 45% at Rotten Tomatoes). The film contains senseless and unnecessary violence at one point when Zorin machine guns down a large number of workers in a mine, something Roger Moore is quoted as being unhappy with, and probably contributing to his view that this is his least favourite film.

Notable locations include the Eiffel Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge with Skyships of the day being used in the plot. Gadget wise, there are a few that Bond employs, including polarised sunglasses to see through tinted glass, a ring with a tiny camera and a bug detecting electric razor.

For more trivia and info about the film, visit Wikipedia.

I’m now two thirds of the way through the entire Bond saga – with 7 to go before the end of the year! Next up is the first of Timothy Dalton’s portrayals of 007…


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