The Spy Who Loved Me

Bond #10, the third for Roger Moore, is The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) which stands well in the saga with Moore looking more comfortable in the role than his first two outings.

Kicking the story off, we see nuclear submarines from both the Royal Navy and Soviet fleet stolen by the villainous Karl Stromberg who wants to launch the nukes from the subs to spark a world war, leaving him to live in his underwater hideout. 007 is of course tasked with stopping this, along with a top Soviet agent who turns out to be a woman with the code name XXX…

The film was enjoyable and trademark Bond with gadgets, girls, guns, one-liners and bad guy chases. The stand out gadget in this film would have to be the white Lotus Esprit which can transform from car to submarine – very handy if you find yourself being chased by a chopper with mounted machine guns and happen to drive off a wharf…

There are several classic quotes in the film, with my favourite being this from early on,

M: Moneypenny, where’s 007?
Moneypenny: He’s on a mission sir. In Austria.
M: Well, tell him to pull out. Immediately.
[scene cuts to Bond making love to a woman] 😉

If you like the old Bond films, then this one is well worth a look. IMDB has it rated at 7.1/10 and if you’re after some other trivia about the film, jump over to Wikipedia.


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