Gmail update

Time to get some tech on!

Google have just made a nice update to Gmail with the addition of IMAP support. This allows you to have full access to your web based Gmail in a desktop mail client such as Outlook or Thunderbird. The beauty of IMAP is that it syncs your mail between the two, meaning that if you mark a message as read or delete a message in the desktop client, the same changes are reflected in the web based Gmail service. For people who travel, with a laptop say, this is super useful as you can still access your mail when you’re not connected to the internet.

Also while using Gmail this evening I note I’ve now got 4434MB of storage. Should be enough I reckon! If you think that’s a ridiculous amount of storage, then here’s one way to put a small dent in it… backup. Hopefully you already have a backup solution in place, but if not you might consider emailing your most important documents to yourself at Gmail for safe storage should anything happen to your personal computer. With robust servers and access to your files from any internet connection this could be a nice backup solution for you. The caveat is that you can only send 20MB per email to a Gmail account, and some other mail servers only allow you to email 10MB at a time.

If you’re after a new email service, try Gmail. It has some nice features, such as threaded replies, message tagging, chat integration and now IMAP, along with plenty of storage.


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