Fanboy Website Re-directs

Fanboys do some funny stuff sometimes. Try visiting one of these, – for the new version of Internet Explorer right? – all about that Linux-based OS right?

Er… No. 😀

Which side of the fence do I sit on? Browser = Firefox. Obviously. It is a superior browser afterall! Operating System = Windows. Yeah well, kinda have to really. If it wasn’t for my gaming and some necessary editing programs I’d consider running Ubuntu (which I have tried via a Virtual Machine under Windows). Besides the OS, I do rate and use a lot of open source and/or freeware apps. So yeah, a foot in each camp I guess.


About Chris
A self confessed geek, meteorologist (aka weather forecaster), father & proud kiwi mainlander living, working & playing in Wellington, New Zealand.

One Response to Fanboy Website Re-directs

  1. william says:

    Biggie ups to Mozilla Firefox!! Love the Video Ook and Flashgot All etc. It’s all good

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