Safari on Windows

Yesterday Apple released its web browser “Safari” for Windows. Being the curious type when it comes to software I decided to give it a go…

Since its release it hasn’t been getting a very warm reception – especially since at least six serious security flaws were exposed on its first afternoon in the wild. It should be noted however that the windows version is a BETA product, so you’d expect some issues to arise.

While its rendering speed does appear impressive, I’d have to agree with the masses that the font display is awful (which could be something to do with Windows ClearType antialiasing…? – Late Edit: “Joel on Software” has a nice explanation titled “Font smoothing, anti-aliasing, and sub-pixel rendering” – basically Microsoft alter the font to give a clearer result while Apple stay true to the typeface at the cost of blurriness).

Windows guru Paul Thurrott wonders “Who in Their Right Mind Would Run Safari on Windows“, and while I agree with his comments on Firefox’s customisations and Safari’s incompatibilities, I think it will be useful to some – especially web developers who aren’t working on Apples (rare I admit).

My install of Safari has already proven beneficial in that I found (and fixed) a bug on my very simple homepage at involving some css opacity. For the coders, Safari doesn’t like “opacity: 1.0” but this can be easily solved by using 0.99 instead.

So, if you’re a windows user who dabbles in web development or maybe you’re just curious, head over to to download Safari 3 (beta) for Windows.


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