iPhone. Meh.

The iPhone is coming… and if you keep up with tech news anywhere, this fact will be blatantly obvious. Blogs and news sites have the hype and speculation going big time, especially since the official launch date has finally been announced (June 29) with TV ads now running in the US.

In case you’ve had you head in the sand, the iPhone is Apple’s first venture in the cellphone market and is as you’d expect from Apple – a sexy gadget with some breakthrough ideas and functionality.

Don’t get me wrong, the button-less full touchscreen face, built-in camera, internet connected phone and media player (music, tv and movies thanks to 4 or 8Gb of flash memory) looks way cool.

I like some of its features too, such as “multi-touch” input (similarly present in Microsoft’s “Surface”) and being able to see a list of my voice messages to choose which to play first.

But here’s the ‘meh’ part. Yet again a brand new device is missing the boat in key areas (as did Microsoft’s “Zune’ when launched). While the iPhone has wifi (802.11b/g but not ‘n’ – duh!) you won’t be able to buy from the iTunes store directly onto your iPhone and you apparently can’t sync with your PC via wifi. Worse than that is no 3G – meaning slower data speeds via GSM as opposed to the newer 3G technology (although if you can get onto a free wifi network for internet browsing you’re sweet…) Furthermore, as with the iPod, there’s no expandable memory or removable battery.

Late Edit: I’ve just read via Mac Rumors that the iPhone won’t support MMS messaging – that means no PXT or video messages. Jeez Apple, that’s just plain dumb!

Don’t expect to get one here soon either. AT&T have the exclusive contract for 2 years, then you might be able to get one for the Vodafone network sometime after that, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

So, while I’d like to play with one, I doubt I’ll ever own one I’m 99% sure I’ll never own one. What I look forward to more is seeing the technology/features in the iPhone appear in other phones/gadgets that will be available in NZ much earlier. Kudos to Apple for leading the way though.

For more info/specs, visit apple.com/iphone where you’ll also find Steve Jobs’ keynote from Macworld 2007 when the iPhone was announced (well worth a look).

And what of the future for the iPhone? Mac-geeks.de take a punt… 😀


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A self confessed geek, meteorologist (aka weather forecaster), father & proud kiwi mainlander living, working & playing in Wellington, New Zealand.

3 Responses to iPhone. Meh.

  1. Chris says:

    Added an extra “duh!” comment following an article on Mac Rumors – no MMS messaging, ie. you can’t send a picture or video message as you can with 99% of new phones. WTF is Apple thinking?

  2. Chris says:

    Oh boy. The hype and hoopla surrounding the iPhone on the tech sites I frequent is overwhelming! Mind you it is launch week, with the phone finally hitting the street on Friday.
    With the first review already out we get more details on what’s lacking…
    * No music as a ringtone (even a raw mp3)
    * No games
    * No video recording
    * No voice dialing
    * No cut/copy/paste ability for text
    * No ‘back’ button
    that’s in addition to,
    * No sending an SMS TXT msg to more than one person
    * No 3G
    * No MMS messages (eg. no PXT messages)
    * No expandable storage
    * No removable battery
    I can’t help but point and say “neener-neener” since I have ALL of the above features in my Nokia.
    Oh, and also missing is,
    * No iTunes access over wifi
    * No flash support for the web browser (duh! – take a look at how many websites use flash these days… admittedly this will cut down on the number of ads you’ll see, a small bonus!)

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