Micro card with maxed out memory

Gotta love the miniaturisation of technology.

In the last couple of days Samsung announced an 8Gb MicroSD card! Why so cool? Coz here’s the size of a MicroSD card on my finger,

…and they’ve managed to squeeze into that flash card the same storage as the largest iPod Nano currently available or almost double the size of a regular DVD. Shame my phone only supports up to 2Gb of expandable memory…

Standing and climbing

A quick video and pic of the wee man for ya.

Matt is now frequently pulling himself up on anything he can – especially his cot when it’s time for a nap and the couch when he spies our cat Felix asleep! Standing is loads of fun and he’s always keen to show off…

As we count down to his first birthday, it looks like he’s going to go straight from commando crawling to walking – this proper crawling thing is obviously over-rated in his eyes!

And here’s a photo for Aunty Nic from our visit to the playground yesterday. 😀

Click through to the gallery for a few more…

Spying on Canterbury

A nice pic from the NASA MODIS Rapid Response System,

Looking down on Canterbury at 2:35pm on Saturday 23 June, 2007. Snow on the Alps and plenty in the Mackenzie country too. For those with a fast internet connection, click through for the highest resolution image… (5416×8120, 10.5Mb)

Lamest gadget ever – redux

And I thought the rock-paper-scissors gadget was bad…

Introducing the virtual bubblewrap gadget.

How and why do the Japanese invent these things?! …and more importantly, who would actually buy one? There’s obviously a whole demographic out there I simply don’t understand. Must be fun though, the kids on the Japanese website advertising it appear to be crying with joy!

And in case you think that the little pop sound might get boring, it apparently plays a sound effect every 100 pops! Oh the excitement. Please, make it stop.

Hello longer days

That great repository of knowledge Wikipedia tells me the solstice was at 6:06am this morning. With the shortest day over we’re now in store for a slow increase in daylight hours. Yay to that!

Don’t expect the weather to warm up any time soon though, winter’s just getting started as evidenced in the deep south today where ironically events at the Queenstown Winter Festival have been cancelled… because of wintry weather! LOL. 😀

Star Wars ATAT Stroller

From the “I Want One” list…

Complete with Snowspeeder mobile! Only for the true Star Wars geek (and geek-to-be!)

Spotted at Star Wars Celebration IV in Los Angeles, via Gizmodo – and a bunch of other sites… including this Flickr page where you’ll see a better close-up of the stroller+mobile.

Houdini plots his escape

First mission: scale the bars…

You can probably guess the position we now find him in each morning and after his daytime naps!