Fun rivalry between Microsoft and Apple

Came across this the other day – an iPod amnesty bin, apparently located at the entry of the Zune headquarters – Microsoft’s portable music player and iPod compeditor.

Aargh! Poor little iPod’s… Whether it’s art, a joke or for real, you have to admit it’s funny seeing big companies poking fun at each other. Apple still wins in my opinion though with their “Get a Mac” ads (a couple of which have been seen on NZ TV). Here’s my favourite, poking fun at Vista’s painful “User Account Control” security feature,

If you’ve used Vista you’ll know exactly what that’s like! 😀


About Chris
A self confessed geek, meteorologist (aka weather forecaster), father & proud kiwi mainlander living, working & playing in Wellington, New Zealand.

2 Responses to Fun rivalry between Microsoft and Apple

  1. Chris says:

    A couple of Apple bashing cartoons to follow up from my favourite online comic site Ctrl+Alt+Del…

    Why don’t I use a mac? I’m a gamer…

    Macs can’t even get bad press!

    OK, and a classic video – “Crash Different”

  2. techwoo says:

    Fun rivalry between Microsoft and Apple .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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