Best use for empty disc spindles…

Mmmm, bagel sandwich.

Quote and link to a website with WebCite

Here’s a nifty tool for authors – including bloggers! – who need to reference online content that is at risk of disappearing in the future, especially news websites that tend to be short lived (ever tried bookmarking a article?!)

Introducing WebCite at – a free archiving service that gives you a (short) permanent link to an archived copy of any webpage, including images.

To demonstrate it in action, here’s a WebCite for the Sheep Albedo Feedback post at

That post is actually worth a read, which details a newly discovered feedback mechanism contributing to global warming… To summarise, most sheep are white and sheep numbers have declined in NZ. This has lead to a decrease in albedo (brightness), meaning that more sunlight is absorbed by a darker NZ thus warming the atmosphere more and accelerating global warming. Damn those dwindling sheep numbers 🙂

Here’s hoping that the WebCite website sticks around for a long time!

Diamonds are Forever

It’s true. Just ask any woman… or perhaps James Bond.

The last film in the saga to feature Sean Connery as 007 – Diamonds are Forever (1971) – got a screening on Saturday. The plot centres around diamond smuggling which leads Bond to uncover Blofeld’s grand extortion plan. While I can’t rave about the storyline, the film is certainly helped by having Connery back on screen. Sadly though, it would have been nice to see a stronger finale for Connery as Bond.

Number one in the bizarre department would have to be the characters of Mr Kidd and Mr Wint who employ varied methods to kill people during the movie. Also somewhat strange is the moon buggy used by Bond in an iconic escape – looking cheap and nasty like it belongs in a B-Grade science fiction flick rather than a James Bond film.

A couple of Bond gadgets are worth mentioning, namely a pocket finger trap that catches an unsuspecting henchman reaching for Bond’s gun and a fake fingerprint used by Bond to support a false identity.

Finally, the bad dudes have a much bigger laser this time – orbiting the earth on a satellite with its destructive power enhanced by diamonds – what else!?

My conclusion: worth a look (hey its Bond) but not the best Connery film.

GMail adds Paper Archive option

The good folks at Google have added some new functionality to Gmail called “Paper Archive” – an easy way of getting a hard copy of your email. Simply click the button, they’ll print the email and ship it directly to your door for sorting, searching or filing. Nice. 😉

(click for large image at Flickr)