You Only Live Twice

“Welcome to Japan Mr Bond”.

You Only Live Twice (1967) is the fifth outing for Sean Connery as 007, with the title referring to the fact that Bond’s death is faked in the opening sequences of the film allowing him to have another life, but not a third if the bad guys have their way…

This film ventures into space with a plot involving the Russians and Americans accusing each over the loss of their spacecraft (classic cold war stuff!) In fact it was of course SPECTRE that rigged the disappearances in the hope of starting a war.

In the “news to me” department, it turns out that Roald Dahl wrote the screenplay, which apparently deviates from the novel quite a bit. I thought a couple of the scenes were a little bizarre and included for the benefit of educating the audience in Japanese culture – namely a Sumo wrestling scene and Bond’s wedding.

As you’d expect, we see more gadgets in the film including a heavily armed autogyro dubbed “Little Nellie” and shooting cigarettes – possibly the only cigarette that can save your life!

The most obvious source material for Austin Powers comes from this movie where we finally see the bald head and scarred face of Ernst Stavro Blofeld who wears a grey suit and strokes a white cat – the original Dr Evil. We also see his hideout under a volcano complete with parahna tank.

The sexual innuendo is cranked up a notch in this film, which brings me to one memorable quote,

Tiger Tanaka: “In Japan men always come first, woman come second.”
James Bond: “I might just retire to here.” 😉

Next on the list is the only film to feature George Lazenby as 007 – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service


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