A new Bond for #6

Following 5 installments of Sean Connery as 007, Australian George Lazenby stepped into the role for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969).

“This never happened to the other fellow”

While the film contained some good action sequences, the above line from the pre-title sequence is perhaps somewhat prophetic in that Lazenby at times seemed to imitate Connery rather than put his own spin on the role. As it turns out, this was Lazenby’s first major acting role and filling the shoes of Connery is a big ask.

The film heads to Switzerland where Blofeld (head of the evil organisation SPECTRE) has a hideout in Piz Gloria at 2970m atop Schilthorn (a place I’ve actually visited!) As an aside for some trivia, the complex was only partially constructed when film locations were sought and EON Productions paid to have it finished in return for exclusive use during filming.

Being in the Alps you’d expect some outrageous chases on snow and you won’t be disappointed. The ski chase with machine guns is often imitated – notably in the Schwarzenegger comedy/spoof True Lies.

The film is a little thin in the gadget department with the most obvious being the somewhat impractical safe cracker and combined document photocopier that was the size of a large suitcase!

Much to the disappointment of Moneypenny, Bond settles on one woman and marries her at the end of the film, but I’ll leave it you to see how that turns out…

If you step back from comparing Lazenby to Connery, O.H.M.S.S. is a good film with both action and romance and is definitely worthy of it’s place in the saga.

Repeat after me…

I will use Google before asking dumb questions

And he’s off!

In a very short space of time Matthew has gone from pretending to be superman on the floor, to lifting himself up, to crawling/dragging himself commando style! Here’s a couple of videos (again, just prior to 8 months)…

On Sunday he was lifting himself off the floor, 😀

Today (Tuesday) he’s moving around to get to his toys, 😯

This all adds up to one thing = it’s time to secure the house…!

Approaching 8 months…

Matthew visited plunket last week for another WOF and came out in excellent condition at 8.6kg and 74cm.

As you’ll see in the latest pic, he’s now sitting up by himself (without toppling over soon after that is!)

At just prior to 8 months, we’re well into the inquisitive age where everything has to be checked out, shaken, banged, tasted and squealed at, yes, including the cat. Matthew normally wins any stand-off with Felix who pins his ears back and retreats when the excited squealing starts.

Speaking of inquisitive, here’s a short video for you – Matthew fascinated by and trying to catch his shadow…

Happy World Meteorological Day

Time to put my weather hat on for a mo…

With a theme this year of “Polar Meteorology: Understanding Global Impacts”, today is World Meteorological Day – marking the day in 1950 of the formation of the World Meteorological Organisation.

Kicking off this month is International Polar Year (which actually runs for two years… go figure!) – the concept of which is “an intensive burst of internationally coordinated, interdisciplinary scientific research and observations focused on the Earth’s polar regions and their far-reaching global effects”.

Given the rapid changes we’ve already seen at the poles (eg the shrinking Arctic ice cap, the breakup of the Larsen B Ice Shelf in Antarctica and icebergs off NZ!) it will be interesting to see what comes out of the IPY research.

If you’re interested in following news on this topic, head directly to the International Polar Year website at www.ipy.org then visit realclimate.org where you’ll find an Arctic and Antarctic section – with “climate science from climate scientists”.

Caterpillars and Concrete

A couple of pics for you from around our place.

The first is a Gum Emperor Moth Caterpillar – colourful and big!

We’ve got several of these guys in our gum tree, the biggest of which a week or so ago was similar to my index finger.

Click through to Flickr for a large size image (1024×768).

And secondly, with some help from Dad, Russ and Tony last weekend, we’ve not got the concrete pads in the back yard finished with extra steps also done.

The pour for the final two pads was 1.2 cubic metres, with the steps made from Macrocarpa sleepers.

Now it’s on with the planting and final landscaping…