Sean Connery’s fourth outing as James Bond is Thunderball, released in 1965.

This film sees Bond on a mission to recover a pair of nuclear bombs stolen from NATO and being held for ransom by SPECTRE.

Here’s my picks of the Bond goodness on offer…

The best gadget of the film would have to be the rocket jet pack used by 007 to escape some villians in the pre-title sequence.

In the one-liners department, early in the film Moneypenny gives Bond a photo of a girl asking “how else will you recognise her?” to which Bond replies “Couldn’t miss. She has two moles on the left thigh”. And secondly, just after killing an assassin with a spear gun Bond proclaims “I think he got the point!”.

Lastly, the most novel action scene would have to be the underwater fight between a group of good guys and villians using spear guns and knives. 😀

As with the earlier films, the Austin Powers series borrows heavily from this Bond movie – in particular the ‘death chairs’ used by the head of SPECTRE, “Number 2” with his eye patch and sharks (but also lacking fricken laser beams!).

While enjoyable, I’d have to rate the previous two films ahead of this one, but it’s still worth a look.

Next up, You Only Live Twice


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